Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hey guys!
Thanks for all the feedback/compliments/etc I got from the previous post, they were really nice/sweet to read.
I like how some of you have noted how you understood the clarification about me and the whole coke thing.

Oh, and the hair colour right now isn't the colour I want.
It's the colour they had to dye my hair because I've bleached my hair earlier last year then dye back to black over and over, resulting in my hair to be very hard to bleach again.
Hopefully I'll get to dye it within 3 weeks, and hopefully it'll be the colour I want it to be.
Here's the result from the tutorial I made which unfortunately, fails to load every time.
And to those who were looking forward to it, I'm sorry but it's no flushed down the drain as I do plan on making a better video as you couldn't really see with my black hair.

In other news, I'm currently obsessing over images of what my room could look like if I got off my ass, Japanese/Korean fashion and Russh magazine.


Mode Junkie said...

you look so adorable on that second pic! and i am loving the wall organizer thingy. :)
i added you now sweetie!

ashhley said...

idk if anyones told you, buuut i use to upload my photos because its kind of limitless..ive been using it for the past 3 or 4 years haha its never done me wrong! [:

Alison said...

Hope your hair turns out the color you want! I love the bottom 2 pics, that girl's dress is awesome, and that guy is too cool. And if you get your room to look like that, it'd be awesome!

Style On Track said...

that bedroom is SO cool!!!