Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hammer Time

Q & A.

How tall are you? Cuz you've have heels all the time.
I'm 155cm. I love heels not only because they do make you taller, but because some are just too beautiful not to love. They're also far more exciting than flats.

what is your favorite place to shop?? I love your blog and all of your clothes!!
Thankyou. :) I live half an hour away from the Gold Coast, Australia. I don't have a favourite shop because I'm in love with so many different styles. I do most of my shopping there. The shops aren't too bad. My favourite chain stores are Bardot Sportsgirl and Forever New. Other favourites are the Universal Store and Myer.

I guess what I would ask you is what would be your dream job and what would be your nightmare job.
I would love to run and own a successful clothing store which reflects my personal style. Hopefully I could expand and open other stores throughout Australia.

Nightmare job; Working as a teacher.

how old are you?
how much do you weigh?
I want to look like you.
Haha, weird. Thankyou I guess? I'm 16, turning 17 in May 2009.
I weight 45kg.

When and why did you start to become interested in fashion?
And, what are your fashion peeves?
Define 'Interested in Fashion'?
I began experimenting with clothes when I was 12. I'd purchase beyond cringe-worthy bright clothes from a cheap store called Supre. It was cool in our area at the time, I'm not sure if it still is but I'd only buy a few things in a year from there now. At 13-14 I was a scene kid. I cut my hair into a mullet, 89% of my head was 5cm short and spiked up everyday. I also had raccoon eyes and lived in skinny jeans and print t's outside of school.

I can't describe this in words but the heels and dresses the girls at my school wore at the year 10 formal. I can give you pictures but that would be cyber bullying and I wouldn't want to risk getting beat up over telling the truth anyway. If you lived in Australia, you'd probably know what I mean, silk Hussy-like dresses with mid height metallic-coloured heels.

You always have great pictures, what kind of camera do you use?
Olympus e-420. I got it because of how light is it for a dslr. I'm not weak (I'm just fussy at times) but I don't need an awesome camera. I wanted a good one that wouldn't weigh my bags down.


Sorry the pictures are different colours/weird. I had to super edit them because I just put the camera on self timer and didn't realise the shutter speed was on so high.

Anyway, this is what I wore to go to the hospital (yet again.)
I've FINALLY gotten a hold of a pair of drop crotch pants to my liking and it gets even better, it's a jumpsuit.
I was actually quite afraid of what my parents would think of this outfit because they hate high heels, weird clothes and fur vests.
I was uber surprised and happy that today, I think they've finally come to terms that their daughter is no longer a little girl or a little scene kid.
They don't know what she is but they do know she's really interested in fashion.
I am grinning madly with stung cheeks right now, knowing my parents aren't the pushy haha you're never going to be a lawyer/don't wear high heels parents they were a few weeks ago.


saray said...

happy valentine's day

Aless & RocĂ­o said...

You look gorgeous. I love your outfit!!

plastikneon said...

Love love this outfit! I'm always so jealous of your pictures.

Naira said...

Thanks for replying (although im not the author of any of the questions).

but they were interesting to read =)

keep it up!

Alissa said...

Love the outfit and the Chanel bag! Your 1.55 m and the same age as me?! switch? I'm 1.78 m *sigh*. I want to wear heels too without being looked like I'm an alien ...

Amy said...

you were a scene kid?!

Champagne said...

That outfit is so cool. I love the fact that its a jumpsuit. I had thought it was just drop crop pants. Also that bag is to die for.

Camille said...

The first pictures are the best, I can't stand fur vests but this is just my opinion. And aha I understand you, my parents are still giving me a disapproving look when I wear high heels, even if I'm a little older than you.
Keep it up though, you look great.

Anonymous said...

I asked the question about the 'fashion peeves' and I know exactly what you mean by year 10 formals.

Living in Australia, I went through my year 10 formal two years ago. The whole thing was a blur of tiaras, overly bright satin dresses and glitter covering every surface humanly possible.

Mega said...

Anonymous: I laughed so hard because this is what happens in every school!!!

Hannah said...

Hahaha! I had to laugh when I saw the statement about formals. I live in Tweed but go to a boarding school in Brisbane and have seen you and larrisa out a bit at Tweed City(not that I personally am a big fan). Anyway back to the point.
I work for a wedding photographer who does the linderfarne formals.
And some of dress are awefully. Im constantly cringing. and the dimonties. I know exactly what you are talking about!


Mega said...

Hannah: You've seen me around?? I hope it wasn't during one of my blegh days x.x You should have come up and said hey ;D Nobody really knows about my blog :p

Anonymous said...

It was funny I saw you at GJ i think and then saw an outfit post on rissa's from that day. Maybe I will see you around. I have a few friends from kingy so I also can relate to the post about girls from your school.
Do you have myspace?

Mega said...

Hannah/ANonymous: Wow really?? It would have been really cool if you had come up to me and said hi! Sorry if I'm a bit quiet and/or retarded, I'm pretty shy in real life. :P

Anonymous said...

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