Saturday, February 7, 2009

Donuts and bra's.

So, I did some bra shopping awhile back in search for some pretty ones.
There wasn't an extensive range of appealing intimate wear at the Myer store so I just got some that were colourful.
I should probably buy some nice black pieces though.
Underwear would have been included but the smallest sizes are just a little bit too big and a little bit too thongy for my liking...

Cream donuts, curry donuts, sugar donuts and prodigious dim sims.
I ate everything here in 3 hours.

Elle McPherson.
Elle McPherson.


kelsey said...

i love bras. has the cutest ones! and they have black! and undies!

Chloe said...

Those look delicious

including the bras, haha

ziggy91 said...

Are you not going to model the new under garmets?

Mode Junkie said...

i love shopping for lingerie. not a fan of much color though. oh my god you just made me sooo hungry. i miss DIMSUM!

Sofia said...

i have a different problem, i should stop to buy one-colord-bras and buy bras like those :) they're really cute!