Monday, February 16, 2009

Miss Sixty F/09

Does this collection suit a teenager?
Or someone in their twenties and/or older?

Edit: Sorry I said  this was a Missonie collection guys!
I was totally in lala land while posting :P

Miss Sixty Fall 09


James Lillis said...

Ummmm... well my opinion is that every woman in the world should be dressing like that.

That's just my opinion. :)

Stonewash all the way! Yeaaaaah!


Meeri said...

That ruffle dress is adorable !Cool stuff (:

Samantha Ann said...

I'm madly in love with this collection! The acid wash is so pretty! =^.^=

ps. this collection is for anyone!

martina ngozi said...

(coming from another teen) This collection is AH-DOR-ABLE lol. im not to sure about the very first outfit but all the other ones are good for teens and anyone else.

especially the last one!

Divinity Avenue said...

Well, I would say 20's but that's just because a lot of teens wouldn't know how to pull off looks like this. But I know that some can, so it's not fair to say that teens can't wear these looks.

mandi said...

loveeee the miss sixty collection. the grey jean mini is killer.