Monday, March 16, 2009

Another movie day

I’m a sucker for comic/games/manga turned movie movies so this is what I wore when I watched ‘Watchmen’ a week ago.
Minus the heels because I was supposed to be watching it with a bunch of my guy friends and you just can’t wear heels around these boys.
They’d walk too fast.
But anyway, I ended up ditching them so I could watch it with my best friend Larissa because the boys’ one started much later and Larissa’s bus left as soon as the movie ended.

Surprisingly, the movie had a deep storyline and not much action.
This is going to sound like a crappy review but in general, apart from the lack of hot guys it wasn’t so bad.
We noticed the Xena girl was also wearing Louboutins throughout the movie.
Damn her!

I finally found the Lipsy wanna-be Herve’ Ledger dress I wanted!
Turns out Forever New had it out the back all this time!
The length of it goes down almost to my knees so I pulled it up a bit.
It got worse though because it would ride up and gather around my stomach (as you can see from the massive chunks gathering there)
I kind of did want the one with straps though.
It looks a lot less tardy but they didn’t have it :(


lolizzie said...

gorgeouss! =D

JackieGloves said...

I love the bag. I want to go to the cinema too to watch "watchmen". did you like it?? ^^ I like your blog

GOYA said...

ooh your LV is lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

The worst thing about that movie had got to be that blue guy who didn't wear any pants! Why didn't he wear any pants???!!

Poison said...

oh oh if u want the one with straps Dotti has it.
I've tried it on and it didnt look very good on me but since you have a MUCH nicer body than me you should go and have a look!

Talk-Sick Materialism said...

love the out fit here. what size shoe do you wear since you are so tiny!!! my feet are so small that i can only wear 5.5 in US shoes. lol