Monday, April 27, 2009

Best week ever.

School starts on Wednesday.
Then I have half yearly's in week two.
Im being sarcastic by the way.
What i wore a few days ago while paying bills and renewing contracts with my mum.
Adult life doesn't seem very fun.
On the bright side, I finally wore my jeans by Jeremy Scott for Ksubi.
Since it's just the tweed area, I couldn't really dress them up with heels or a colourful jacket because of my mum.


Sally said...

LOL tweed area. I know what you mean. I go out looking like a hobo around my dangerous area.. haha.

I go back to school 2moro T______T

J'adore Jess said...

sexy jeans! i was just at the gold coast last week!! :)

Sophie said...

I love your jeans! Yeah.. I go back to school on Wednesday too D:

Anonymous said...

heyyy! i have the exact same jeans too :D

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what is your nationality?

btw, I love your unique taste in fashion (:

Mega said...

Anonymous:Indonesian :)

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful style!!

O.C ROCKS. said...

Beautiful Jeans !
I like it !

dirtyflaws said...

i bid on these bad boys on ebay and the fucking seller cancelled the bid with 6 hours to go - bitchen. they look great on you though xxx

Mega said...

Dirtyflaws:Ohno! That would really suck D: