Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need to win the lottery.

So I can have these.

Karla Spetic
Ooh wow, writing after pictures.
I don't think I've done this for a long time.
Anyway, here are some questions I havn't had time to answer.
Nothing majorly informative folks.
Next post will have more questions.
hey gorgeous, i'd love to know the hair products you use? XD
I wish guys would tell me that. -.- (not the hair product question, lol.)
I'd like to say I stick to a routine but I just use different products until I find one that I love best. I've just started using Chi shampoo and Conditioner. For years I've used Pantene until Larissa told me it was the reason of my hair loss. I stopped using it and I'm stilllosing chunks but no biggie, thick hair is awful.
Chi and Redken are the best for heat protectors. GHD and Babyliss Pro are the best for styling hair, in my opinion.
Do you still have invites for
I've been asked quite alot for invites. Please stop asking as I'm saving mine for friends in real life if they ever want to start! :)
Where is you closet post dear?
Life is making me quite busy these days. I have relatives staying from overseas and I have to share a room with a very boring cousin so it's hard to get time alone in my room. I know I promised one and I will deliver! Don't get your hopes too high though, it wouldn't be all that great.
Oooh what manga books did you buy?
I am laughing at the randomness of the 'ooh' here. I  bought 'Yugioh;Millenium World.' I got hooked as a kid in primary school, after moving on from Sailor moon and Cardcaptors. Still in love with all the classics.
And what manga do I read? Holy crap! Where do I begin? I've read so many on mangafox I don't remember alot of them.  I 'm pretty diverse, from  Vampire knight to D Gray Man. I'm going to start reading Loveless after this.

What did you think of Influence?
Thanks for all your info with pricing and stuff guys, but it still doesn't change the fact it's $43 here.  And I for one do not like spending over $25 for a book unless its manga.


Daria said...

Oooh, i love the pink shorts and the top she's wearing with them. <33

Anonymous said...

thanks for answering :D

Summer said...

I love that ruffled skirt.;D
very gorgeous outfit,specially their shoes..;D

Anonymous said...

I love that you read manga, nobody over here that I know does. I am currently reading Vampire Knight right now, although I am almost done. Aaaah, I stopped reading D. Gray Man a while ago, I would like to get back into it. I've read Loveless too, but I am waaaaay behind on that one as well.
I blame school. It sucks away all of my free time D:

PS, your hair is gorgeous & that blue ruffle skirt is amazing.

Solo said...

I want their shoes.;D
Give them to;D

lolizzie said...

Oh wow :O
You answered my question LOL.
My heart kinda like raced when I saw it.

Gisela said...

I'm digging the Karla Spetic pieces, especially that scarf and to combination. Thanks for posting these, don't think I would've known about these indie designers otherwise. BTW, super cute blog!
Would love for you to visit mine

Liz said...

That grey blazer, yum

cocorosa said...

ohhhhhh Im in love with this last outfit!! this blue ruffled skirt wow wow wow... but yeah.. win the lottery.. :( DIY? :) I'm here in the middle of the night embellishing another tight haha.. I'm so sleepy... I hope to see another fabulous outfit of yours soon :) xoxo

Anonymous said...