Monday, April 6, 2009

Im baaack. Again.

Yay, no more assignments.
Two weeks of holidays and 5 weeks till exams.
This feels so easy breezy.(pfft)
Also, I have to somehow make and save money to repay my car.
That's a real bummer.

These were taken by my brother.
He's a horrible photographer..
Anyway, they're for my multimedia assignment.
These are'nt what I handed in, just random ones I did in ten minutes.
I'm wearing a Sass and Bide skirt as a dress, it's like a size ten or something.
Its so gorgeous, I wear it as a maxi.


MeG said...

so perfect!

Kathy said...

those photos are fabulous!

Vanity said...

Amazing pics!


Champagne said...

So pretty. Cute mask.

Pari said...


KEREN said...

You think your brother's a horrible photographer? But these turned out so pretty! :)

Anonymous said...

these pictures are amazing!!

I know how you feel!! I just finished my final exams last weak! My last school exams ever!! :-D
And now I feel so relieved!!

Anonymous said...

very lovely pictures!

Jess said...

Yay your back. (: I thought you'd never blog. hahaha. I <3 your blog and those pictures are so cool!!

plastikneon said...

Your brother isn't bad, the last picture is really nice! Love that mask

Dana said...


Anonymous said...

ahah, these pictures are awesome, i love them

gmt said...

best contrast of mask with the wheat (is that what it is?!) ha

lovely photos


check it

new fan :)

Mega said...

gmt; Actually, its just grass :p Cool blog you have there ^ ^