Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inspiration for a new wardrobe

I recorded the wardrobe tour but unfortunately, there's this weird buzzing sound that almost makes my voice inaudible so I'm going to have to do another one.
In conclusion to my tour, I realised just how much black I have.
And this is also after i had a massive wardrobe clean-up which consisted of at least half of it handed to my cousin.
I'm a teenager, this is the time to experiment and have fun.
I saw these images on Teen Vogue and am suddenly craving colour.
Fun and bold colours.
So, hopefully you'll gradually see my outfit posts a little bit more bizarre, young and almost always coloured.


Mochelle said...

i love your style :]

Isabel said...

i just love teen vogue
i'm totally addicted to this!
loved your blog!

laura said...

i love you blog /the second style of the post i lovee also

Sara Louise said...

i absolutely adore all of these outfits,especially the zip dress!

gorgeous blog btw,I've just discovered you,am glad i did! can i link you?