Saturday, April 11, 2009


Incredibly sick right now.
I feel like crying.

These peeptoe heels I got off ebay make me happy.
Especially since I got them for less than half the retail price.

What i wore the other day to go to town.
It was a dark day, this was the best picture.
The outfit wasn't anything exciting anyway.


Leigh said...
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Leigh said...

the material of that dress is gorgeous, i love sheer fabric

nahx2 said...

love the shoes ! and hope you get better real soon =]
please check out my new blog! would love it if we could exchange links :D
Happy Easter

Kathy said...

love the shoes!are they from Zara? i think i have seen them there!
hope you get better soon!

Sophie said...

Gorgeous shoes :)

Clementiine said...

I am absolutely in love with those shoes and the colour of that dress! x

A** said...

Absolutely amazying shoes!