Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just a day out

Pictures of me reading Manga on a day out with Larissa a few weeks ago.
It was a pretty fun day.
It's old because I just found them on what seems like a limitless space XD card of mine.

And some new school shoes :3
Surprisingly, alot of people at school liked them.
And some of my guy friends asked if they were real snake skin.
So clueless. :3

Oversized Luna shirt, Louis Vuitton denim bag


What ethnicity are you?
100% Indonesian.

Where did you get your wrap?


(G)et said...

Those shoes are totally boss.
Where'd you get them?

coffee said...

You are a lovely girl :) kisses!

Yin said...

You have such an amazing skintone, I love it.

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes!

Anonymous said...

they're the perfect shape and on top of that snake skin..

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Man these pictures are totally awesome. I love the oversized shirt and those shoes are incredible!! xx

pinky said...

Those shoes are sick!!! I want a pair!!!:))

Lovely photos btw!

Annabel said...

LOL i see yu-gi-oh!!

Amy said...

are you wearing just that shirt?! lol, and cool shoes, you should post a look w/ them on LB! ;)

(fan speaking.) HAHA

Champagne said...

Those are really cute.

Tigermilk said...

Great shoes!

What MOISTURISER are you using for your legs?! They're so smooth, do you have a skincare routine for them? :D

mutia tamala said...

woww. you're 100% Indonesian?
I was wondering what your ethnic all the time lol
well now i know.
can you speak indonesian?
oh, and i am indonesian too :)

Emily Jade said...

Wow your Indonesian?

Apa kabar?

I adore your blog,you have amazing style!

novita irene said...

heeeyy,,just stumbled on your blog, and been reading it for somet times, and now i'm totally surprised to know that you're 100% indonesian. I'm sorry, but i feel like you're more like japanese or what but not indonesian. don't feel offended, please, it's a compliment.
by the way, your blog is great..:DDD