Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sass and Bide and Rants

If I could chose an Australian designer forever, it would be Sass and Bide.
Add a little sportsgirl, Bardot and Forever New layering and its me.
Sorry for the picture overload.
I just couldn't help myself.
And the cross's were because my photoshop on my mac is out-trialled and I can't be bothered turning on my hp to edit them.

I wish my mum believed in quality over quantity.
She has a horrible philosophy for thinking having more cheap things is better.
It would be great if she didn't buy things that are often either tacky/ugly and expensive/unflattering/too cheap or a combination.
I know I don't always make the best fashion choices but hey, I'm only 16 and still experimenting!
And the point of that sentence was because she thinks some of my choices are hideous when in fact people my age compliment me.
I hate it when oldies disagree on young fashion.
We don't care what you like!
And its not like we want to be walking next to a daggy mum either.
Like, we love you mum but not your outfit choices.
In my opinion, I've only seen fashionable people over 30 on screen, and they're working in fashion.
Their children are lucky.


Kathy said...

nice post, I love the last black dress!

MeG said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

my mum always critises that my skirts are too short and slutty, (But they're not of course) but hey what do they know about fashion anyway and I bet she secretly wishes she could wear mini skirts too!! :)

Anonymous said...

haha, i was totally able to relate to this post.
my mums exactly how you described and it is actually embaressing :|
i don't know if it's an indonesian thing, but hell it's annoying!

cocorosa said...

haha I love Sass&Bide so much :) and I think you make the best fashion choices ever:) xoxo

smaklandrynek said...

I'm lucky couse my mum likes what i'm wearing:)
I love the last pictures:)

katwalkitgirl/ said...

Sass & bide is so awesome we actually sell the line at my job, a designer boutique in the United States called Katwalk , and we sell completely out every time .My boss has been ordering the line for years and actually knows the two designer duos personally . She originally ordered the rats for the winter season and ordered more for the spring because they did so well.

Emma said...

I think you should never pay attention to what others think you should or shouldn't wear, wether it's a complete stranger or family;)
Btw love your style!
xx from Holland

meghan said...

i love the two black dresses