Sunday, April 19, 2009

Zac Effron and Borders.

Went and saw 17 again today. Never been a big Zac Effron fan but that movie, WOW! His hair, face, body were all perfect. Except the do' for his 80's look.
He also had a really nice leather jacket. Damn him for reminding me to get one.

A Borders has just opened not too far away from me! I am so excited, it has a pretty big range of manga. I spent almost $100 on just 5 manga books. They're pretty steep in price but Manga makes me happier than clothes.
Of course, I read them on the internet but I really want to support the ones I love most by buying it for them.

Mary Kate and Ashley's book 'Influence' along with other great fashion and photography titles that I would have never been able to lay my hands on without flying to Sydney, were also being stocked.
So excited! But is it $50 for you Americans too??
I have no coffee table to put coffee table books on so I didn't want to fork out any more money.

I was doing hair-flips. It was very amusing.

Top - Luna, Fur vest - MinkPink, Bag - Louis Vuitton, Heels - Siren.


camerafilmroll said...

What a coincident! I caught 17 Again today too and I only "fell in love" with him today after watching the movie. Haha!

He looked really hot wearing the white plain shirt and leather jacket. :D

Lana Hiroko said...
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Anonymous said...

i totally agree with lana really is a great book!

You look so good here, i am so jealous of all your clothes!!!
Your bag... mmmmmmmmm.

Mega said...

Camerafilmroll:I so agree!!! The plain shirt with skinny jeans and leather jacket was the perfect outfit for a guy. Oh, and aviators, gorgeous hair and converse!

Lana Hiroko: I actually breifly flicked for a few pages. I'll be sure to buy it next time though! Thanks for the info :)

Missy P: Thankyou ^ ^

dana isabel said...

i looove this outfit!

Anonymous said...

what manga do you read? :)

C a t r i n a said...

amazing outfit!
You're really photogenic!:)

Ashley said...

i envy your hair! love the outfit, probably one of my favorites so far =)

Anonymous said...

on the barnes and noble website, the list price for Influence is $35.00, even less when you are in the B&N club!

AMY LEE said...

It's not 50, yeah we pay cheaper.
I commented your lookbook about your outfit.

oh and ps. his name is spelled only with one F. ;)

jamie said...

I've been looking everywhere for a good black fur vest and all the ones i've found isn't worth my time. i'm jealoussss <3

Leanne said...

Influence is about $30-$35 in Sydney Dymocks! have you checked it out there? Also I have a bunch of manga I don't touch anymore! What do you read?

betsy said...

Wow love that bag, which LV collection is it?
As for the Influence book, I bought it online on Amazon before it came out and I paid $20 for it, or maybe it was 20 euros (I live in France), but any ways, it was don't buy it for $50 ! It's a great book but maybe not worth THAT much :D

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$ouLphate said...

great look! i love your LV bagg, gorgeouss!

Anonymous said...

Your hair are absolutely perfect.
And your style.


A** said...

Nice blog little girl!!

Best regards from Barcelona-Spain.


Shirin said...

i'm going to see "17 again" tomorrow, and now you made me look forward to it =D
awesome outfit you've got there also, kicking ass!

Alice Point said...

What I can say... YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!! This fur vest is to die for!!!


ellevictoire said...

wow, i love this outfit! amazing jacket!

Nonny said...

Cool blog! I love the outfit - I have black heels like your siren ones, I bought them at Bardot!
I've seen your looks on the lookbook, they're kick-ass! I couldnlt comment you on the lookbook site 'cause I'm not a member - you could invite me though! I'm random like that.


Jasmin said...

God just gotta say your hair colour is amazing. Have been reading yur blog for a long time but never gotten a round to following it properly on blogspot. Keep up the beautiful images and stylish outfits :)

O.C ROCKS. said...