Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I HAVE to stop cramming the night before an exam.
So lucky this year doesn't count.
Next year, I swear to god I am going to study really hard.
(And keep my room clean.)

I'm sorry I havn't been answering any questions!!!
If you have any, or havn't gotten an answer, please ask in this post!

Bec & Bridge and Rachel Gilbert.

I am going to buy the singlet (1st) and pants (2nd) if they look good on.
Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

what brand is your jacket in the post on may 9th?

Sophie said...

Hmm, really liking the pants. Good luck! :D

Anonymous said...

hm. LAST year (yr11) i said i'd study really hard ..but i'm STILL not studying very hard D: old habits die hard! (: goodluck for your exams!

fina said...

lol i posted this in the prev post, but if you missed it,

hi! i was wondering, if you could do a post on what you would wear for winter in australia? cos im gng to sydney in june for a short vacation, and ive never been to anywhere during winter. mind helping me out abit?


Anonymous said...

Will you marry me?

- Michael

Talk-Sick Materialism said...

i love her outfits!!

Anonymous said...

I love your outfits!!!

Summer said...

Oh i love your idea buying those two.Can't wait to see you wearing those gorgeous.=)

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Anonymous said...

The images arent showing for me :( I hear you about the whole studying thing, you'll pull through! xx

lolizzie said...

Do you have a job Mega? :)
If not, where does all your money come from!? (If you don't mind me asking XD)

Tili_lili said...

The images aren't showing up, but love your blog!
& I'm sure the things you bought are most probably amazing.

I'd love to have the money to buy clothes as amazing as yours.

Check out my blog please:)

Blanquita G said...

first shoes are incredibles!