Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Loving it.

The media is going crazy and stabbing her for her weight loss.
I'm going crazy and worshipping her over her amazing outfits.
I gotta say, her wardrobe has greatly improved since the O.C.
And with the weight loss, I don't know if she is naturally skinny or not.
There are yoyo-ers in this world.


Alba_Shopaholic said...

I love mischa, she is so cute.

And this boots is so cute!!


MeG said...

con lo altisima que es mischa y no duda enponerse taconazos
un beso!

Sushi said...

She looks better here than she has in months. I think she looks to be at a good weight and her outfit is cute!! x Sushi

esse said...

Super boots and jacket ;)

styleburst said...

the jacket and shoes!! omg. she looks amazing here!!

Ps:I love your hair!! :)

Martha said...

I swear she's alway been thin.
I love her shoes!!

cocorosa said...

ahhh she looks awesome, she looks absolutely fine to me, you can totally see shes a naturally lean gal.. love her style :)

Summer said...

She's so pretty.Love her shoes.=)
Hope to see more from you.=)

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Miss Jessica said...

i love her long legs! the outfit is awesome!

Solo said...

Gorgeous,love her look.;D

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little shadow said...


Mode Junkie said...

the shoes.. i die.

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