Saturday, May 23, 2009


After watching the Hannah Montana trailer, I'm obsessed with hair flicks.
I took a bunch, but all the good ones had really retarded faces of me!
Like, I don't care if people see a bad photo of me but I'm sure I have plenty more time to perfect my hair flick.
I just sounded a little douchy.
Not that I practice hair flipping for the right moment when that guy is behind me.

I also want to change from Advance English to Standard english.
Can I still get a high UAI with standard english?
Its not that I'm finding English difficult, its that its really pooping me off.
Our teachers are slack, they tell us what to expect in major assignments and tests the day before or discuss shitty examples in one lesson.
And Shakespeare?!
Come on, i know it has every freakin theme relating to the human condition but can we please study something with english we use in modern times?
I know a class doing Twilight for gods sakes.
Not that Twilight is awesome anyway.

Oh, and on the topic of Twlight, its crazy how big of a phenomenon it is.
I remember reading the first book 1-2 years before the movie, and I LOVED it.
I was like, in grade 7 or 8.
Its great if you want to read something entertaining and mary-sue.
Brain power isn't needed.
But seniors (in my grade, I'm a senior) LOVE it.
Hm, what were they reading in junior school?

And before I go, I just want to say I laughed so much during the movie.
Kristin Stewerts constipated Bella silences and stares were was making the whole theatre laugh.
The close-ups were also very uncomfortable. (of her, and everyone else, but mainly her)

Dress - Typical Star, Vest - Mink Pink, Bag - Chanel, Shoes - Tony Bianco


Simply Me said...

ooo..i love love love that dress and vest with those shoes, you look lovely. and you quite an amazing head of hair

rikitiki said...

i love you
you're my inspiration

Anonymous said...

you're dress is lovely!

Elaine said...

Very cute!! I love those shoes! Isn't it too hot in Australia to wear fur vest?

Anonymous said...

Love it!!

Mina N said...

I love your hair !

Anonymous said...

the first photo is so nice! x

Mani said...

your dress is so cute! is the weather hot in QLD? dang, in sydney it's freezing >_>

pangea said...

i don't know any girls or anybody for that matter... that lives on a farm and has a Chanel clutch



Lydia said...

Standard is one of the lowest scaling subjects.. even lower than ESL, senior science, pretty much everything. Getting in the top 1% of standard is equivalent to getting in the top 25% in advanced. So, if your not finding advanced difficult you should stick with it. But hey, it is possible to get a high UAI with standard, its just a lot harder as you have to do extremely well in standard. Sorry for ranting but i hope that helped :)

i LOVE your blog btw :)

aurora said...

You always look gorgeous and tall - an inspiration to a fellow shortie like myself =)

Loving the dress btw! I was looking at one that was very similar from Wish, but it was too big so I didn't end up getting it =(

About the Standard English - I completely agree with Lydia - if you're not doing badly in Advanced, don't drop it, the scaling is much better and you won't have to work so hard to get that high UAI.

I did Advanced English during my HSC a few years back and ended up getting into Law in Sydney, so just stick it out and you will get your reward in the end =)!

If you want any advice about this, feel free to email me.

sara said...

fabulous hair flicks! really lovely pictures of you.

Leanne said...

About the English, if you're not good at it then I would consider dropping. I know a lot of people who did Advanced English and didn't get the UAI they wanted. It's better to be good at a subject even if it's low scaling. I took all high scaling subjects and couldn't handle it. I did Advanced and English Ext and got a band 5 and E3 but my overall UAI wasn't that great. Maybe keep it until the end of year 11 and if your rank is really bad then drop.

Heidi said...

Regarding dropping to standard, if you're having trouble in advanced I would do it. I was having the same problem when i was doing my HSC- hated advanced and was unsure whether I should drop it. I got a quite a good UAI as well but did a lot of other high scaled subjects which maybe helped in that respect. Do you have a teacher you can get advice from? Maybe ask for their opinion :)

(G)et said...

I never got how scaling worked, all I know is I did general math, and senior science, and I got a great UAI and now I am studying the degree I always wanted to do, and you know what, I had fun in class in my senior year aswell.


yur hair is to die for, yur blog is addictive.. yur clothes and sense of style is undescribable and severely desirable, WOW

Joelyne said...


love ur blog


Anonymous said...

I would agree with what everyone has said. Our teachers advised us not to do drop to standard as its difficult to get more than a band 4.
I'm currently doing year 12 Advanced and its tough at times and yeah we are half way through Julius Caesar but its not too bad :)

megs said...

I absolutely loved studying Macbeth in high school. For me, Shakespeare was really taxing and you had to really invest yourself into getting it, but if you managed to do that, then all was good!

Sophie said...

Haha i read all of the books and then watched the movie :|
definately the lamest movie ever watched. If they didnt rush the making of it and had a better director it could of been so much better.

Courtney. said...

your hair is to die for, oh my god.

just found your blog, by the way, love it!

Talk-Sick Materialism said...

i love your outfit its so cute. i want your hair color too but i wish i had a darker skin tone! i need to go tanning. do you use a tripod for your pictures at all??? you ahve such good pictures. i would like to know what camera you use! im on the lookout for a new one. any suggestions?

A dreamer said...

:O you echo my thoughts exactly about twilight!
vapid mary sue ftw!
actually, i never liked it. it really repulse me with all that lovey dovey stuff.
ahhh and how retarded are the sounds bella makes when she is 'in pain'. gosh she sounds like she's orgamsming/having a baby.
so...bad...on so many levels.
generally over acted on her part, me thinks.

Riza said...

you look amazing and i love your hair. you always have amazing shots. what kind of camera do you use to take your pics?