Saturday, June 20, 2009

Again with the boyfriend jeans

I know they're a bit overdone now but I really, really need boyfriend jeans.
The good thing is, that every major trend in the blogging fashion world, never gets seen for months in my area.
The hard part is, finding one for my height and build.

Oh, while i remember, here are some random questions that I hope are given with suffice answers.
Some have been cut down to the exact question so I hope that doesn't bother you guys!

What kind of camera do you have?
Olympus e-420, standard lenses that come with the box. I want to upgrade to the Canon D5 Mark III or II with macro lenses but I'm a little broke from saving up for a car and living with a horrible spending habit.

How tall are you?

What's your opinion on Emma Watson's involvement in the Autumn/Winter 2009 Burberry campaign?
I think she's absolutely gorgeous. She's a realistic model gifted with natural beauty. She suits the brand quite well from the pieces she's worn to events. I think it's an A+ choice.


Ezra said...

i think its great for emma
hopefully she becomes for involved with modeling and fashion she is very pretty and doesn't have a bad sense of style of her own

Sarah said...

hahaha i totally know what you mean about the trends not hitting australia for a while.

I wore a vintage blazer sometime last year and my friend, albeit a male, came up to me and said 'what are you wearing?! is that like a suit jacket?'
i mean come onnn