Thursday, June 18, 2009

Its the vibe

I watched 'The castle' the other day at school.
Only Aussie's will most likely know of it.
Funny stuff.

Sorry my posts have been blegh.
I've been feeling really uninterested in everything.
I'm extremely lazy, and don't feel like doing anything but play games, browse blogs and walk around shops.
Hopefully its a phase teens go through.


pangea said...

you're slipp'n its cool to these other models ..but i come to your blog to see your stle....

P.S. keep it coming


ilovecherry said...

omg.. is that you?? or someone who looks just like you? cool pic though..

tailorstitch said...

i've seen the castle my aussie friend was hell bent on showing us that Australia makes good movies...i loved it really funny stuff...ah the serenity lol

Anonymous said...

LOL the castle! Even though I don't like it as much as American movies and all .. I still thought it was pretty funny xD Had to watch it last year in class too :P

Sarah said...

oh the serenity.

Mmm that photo is perfection. love it.

oh and trust me, i get caught in the blog laziness phase and roam the cyberworld or mall for hours on end.

sarah x

Mayumi said...

i hope it's a phase too, i'm very lazy and hardly do anything when i should be revising for exams.
fortunately i had my last today and don't have to go to school anymore :D

V. said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures... really and good blog, and style

Simply Me said...

thats an amzingly beautiful that you?

Joeyy-Anna said...

Castle ! Aussie pride.
No, Your blogs haven't been uninteresting. I really like your blog! Your outfits and pictures are really cool (L). Keep it up!

Anonymous said...