Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wanting to update

Inspiring pictures.
I really want to upgrade my camera to the Canon 5d Mark II, but it seems my favorite deviantart photographers use the earlier version.
The 5d is much more expensive than the 5d Mark II, even though I compared the two and saw little differences.
One major difference is the HD video recording available with the newer series.
Can anyone please tell me the difference?
Thanks guys!


me said...

what type of camera do you use?

Emma said...

ahh, Nikons are of superior quality ;)

IMO, it doesn't matter if the images of your favorite photographers used a specific camera. It's not the camera but the person behind it that makes the images!

just sayin :D

Anonymous said...

As a professional photographer, I'd be inclined to say the 5D mkII (or the 5D) is overkill. There's essentially no difference in image quality between a 40D and a 5D. 5D handles noise and ISO better, but that's shooting at 3200 ISO - I don't even use that for gigs in dark clubs or concerts (stick to 400 or 800 at most!). It's the lens which requires a more substantial investment.

Don't just buy a camera because certain photographers use it: there's more to photography than the body.

As an honest recommendation, I'd say go for the Canon 40D - the 50D is identical and no different - and then spend the rest of the money on a good ringflash, 430EX flash and an off-shoe flash cord or wireless trigger :)

samantha said...

As a long time photographer myself I will also agree with Emma and the Anonymous person all around.
My take:
I recently graduated and sold all my nikon stuff to switch over to canon (our school had an amazing canon rep and i fell in love borrowing all the equipment.) So I amped for the 5D, for price reasons. The 5D mark II is amazing because of the hd and video features it offers. It was launched back around this last thanksgiving, putting the other 5D at half the price. I don't care much for the video at this time but I wanted the full cmos sensor. So you can buy a 5D for 1500 or a 5D mark II for double that. Don't forget lens cost too.

I must say, inless you're aiming to make a profession out of photography you don't need such a high end camera. All of Canons new rebel series are AWESOME and also offer a video feature. As i've always said and believe from seeing kids in my program(and what emma stated) its not the camera that makes the photographer, its the photographer that makes the camera.

I would also recommend the Canon G10. Its my go to camera I carry around everywhere with me. Great for travel too. It does everything my 5D does but its compact and light. Takes great quality video too. And I like how all the functions I change the most of are located on top of the camera (like that of a film camera) so I don't have to constantly go into the menu to change them. The only just is you can't change lens (another investment you'll be making, good lens cost more than the camera body.) B&H photo out of new york retails it for around $450. plus you can get underwater housing for it for less than 200 bucks!
I would say buy the G10 if anything else.

This is a lot of info for a comment. Sorry girl, feel free to email me if you have any questions. I have a lot of Canon knowledge and experience.

keep up the blogging girl.