Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Even Whiter

Givenchy Haute Couture, unknown, unknown


Jenny Cindy said...

Lovely collage! I love all the images you posted..mhh white <3

JVeronicaRose said...

i just spent the better part of today, probably a good 3 hours worth, reading and reeling in the inspiration of your blog

which in turn inspired me to start one-its just this compulsive sudden urge thing i'm prone to

but yeah, you just refreshed my belief that people do still care about culture in the world:)
and that i think its really fantastic to find someone else indonesian who thinks like you
because i'm indonesian too
-and i don't know why i told you that...but anyway i'll be following you:)

ps. i absolutely adore the frilly panties(/shorts?)

chantelle said...

the frilly tuttu panties looking garment at the bottom... is so perfect.

LAURA. said...

great! that girl is so pretty!

x moichanelcouture.blogspot.com


fantastic blog lady!
keep it up! we like it very much! xxx

Kokardnik said...

love that girl <3