Sunday, July 5, 2009


I'm not sure if this is healthy but whenever I see a really hot/cute guy, or one that dresses exceptionally delicious, I follow him.
Just until I get a really good look at his face to confirm he really is hot.

Don't worry.
The longest I've ever followed was a few blocks in Brisbane.

I love Larissa.
She sends me eye candy; and we have the same taste so I never complain.
I'm sure you all know who Eugen Bauder is.
If you don't, look him up right now!
He's our favourite male model.

I never thought I'd be into any of the skinny girly looking guys because in my opinion, if he can fit into my jeans and his ass looks better, he's not the right fit.
Guys generally have better asses in my opinion but girl jeans just shouldn't accentuate it to look just as good as guy jeans and yeah, I've watched Stylista.
What a bunch of wannabe, untalented people.
Or am I thinking of Project runway?
Anyway, back to skinny guys.
This Ryan guy is sooo adorible!!
I could literally kiss and pinch his cheeks all day.
Honestly, I don't like alot of male models because they look even deader than the female ones.
If that were possible..
But out of the smoking, pale zombie's, out emerged Ryan!
I don't know his last name, sorry!


rosa said...

wow he's gorgeous! :)

BAMBI said...

Me too XD
Once in the city this guy who looked like he had walked out of a 50's film walked by and I followed him a few meters and felt uber creepy lol
WOW Ryan is stunning :)

Anonymous said...

i think his name is ryan taylor? he's so cute omg.

Abigail Dawes said...

I deffinatly agree with this,hes gorgeous. x

Alex said...

I followed a guy because he looked good in a tie. No "boy" wears a tie, made me wonder who he was xD I only knew the back of his head, and that his jeans fit nicely ;] Seen him again a few times and realized that he only wears long sleeves. Idky but I'm smitten xD

Anonymous said...

Wow. I like your blog but I cannot understand why you thing Project Runway contestants have no talent. They have more talent than many of these new desigers.

clearly you dont really know anything about sewing.

Champagne said...

He is a cutie.

Vivian said...

i have to agree with you.
first time i've ever noticed such a pretty male model. <3
usually i pay much more attention to the girls.

Mega said...

Anonymous: Thanks!

Are we both talking about Australian project runway? Because there was only one contestant who made David Jones worthy peices and he got eliminated before the final 5.

I know I said 'wannabe, untalented,' I say alot of things that need more of an explanation because they can be taken the wrong way if not explained, and thats a serious flaw of mine that I really don't notice(when doing it). What I meant was, yes, they were talented sewers and such, but none of them designed anything outstanding. None of them will ever be, and still aren't, their own designers, because they create clothes that aren't particlarly unique or, ehm, nice... And thats the truth with Australian Project Runway. They're all still tailors or designers going broke because even our big designers are struggling in these times.

Hope that didn't offend any fans of theirs! But yeah, thats my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Oh, okay. Thanks for the answer, but yeah I thought you meant the US Project Runway, because there are many talented people out there..

little shadow said...

His face looks like it was carved by angels.

Anonymous said...

omg i could just eat him up ;)

Anonymous said...

That is Ryan Taylor. I literally hunted him down after I caught a quick look at him for 2 seconds in some backstage video footage at Bottega Veneta.

Vale said...

Taylor, it's Ryan Taylor.
And he's gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.