Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Too cool for school

I so want to do this for my school laptop case.
Except my case is thick and icky because its actually protective D:


Prinzessiin said...

Gorgeous : )

I want this for my MacBookPro too :)

Marina S. said...

i want it too!

theyearoflivingthriftily said...

this is awesome!

Fashion&Such said...

This is awesome. studs are just amazing! & can always be used as protection too ;P

Emma said...

Do you take you're laptop with you to school?

Anonymous said...

you would look so badass going into school with one of those ;)
nicky x

Ezra said...

i love your blog

Ayza said...

Where is it from?
My laptop is in dire need of it. Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hello Mega.
First, I LOVE your blog - so inspirering! But I've got a question I hope you will answer. I'm not asking you in order to offend you, it's pure curiosity. But... How on earth can you afford all your beautiful, but expensive Chanel bags etc.? I mean, your only 17 just like me! If you don't want to answer, that is completely alright, of course!

A lot of hugs from a follower of your blog.
Btw: I'm from Denmark (which may explain my perhaps mediocre English). Thought it would be funny for you to know that people far away read your blog (:

Molly Rose said...

I love that! It would be awesome actually carrying a laptop in that.

Mega said...

Ayza:Im not sure, sorry! I forgot where i got it from >_<

Anonymous: Thankyou^ ^ No, Im not offended or anything XD

Im the kind of the middle child. my stepdad has two older children, and my mum and him have had three boys, younger than me. Im pretty much the only girl, except for my stepsister who is kind of kicked out of the family by my dad because of sexual preferences.

So yeah, being the eldest at home, being the only girl and having retired parents, I'm spoilt. My brothers are too, but they spend it on guy stuff.

And im flattered people from far away read my blog. Thankyou! :3

Emma:I have a laptop which I take to school. Its a macbook, 13". Perfect for carrying around and using at home so if you're going to get a laptop, get a mac ;D *rabid mac user*

Gisela said...

love the pics! and can't wait to see if you do the batwings! i so love that look. btw, awesome entries and great blog! would love for you to visit mine :-)

jeremy Charpentier said...

awesome!!! love the photos!

chantelle said...

it's perfect!!