Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Whats in Mega's Bag?

Darn, I just realised I didn't put in some items.
I had them out because I was using them >_<
Shiseido Eyeshadow

White Nokia E71

Gucci bag.
Candy flats; for when my heels start giving me blisters.
Diesel perfume.
Mimco Wallet; I swap wallets every now and again. This is my heavy-duty one ;D
Karen Walker sunglasses; I've never beleived in expensive sunglasses but these, I love. I'm most likely not going to buy new ones for a loong time, unless they are the Chanel Mary-Kate and Ashley ones.
Gucci Parfum; I like to bring more than one scents incase I change my mind throughout the day :)
Suvana lip moisturiser; Makes a really good lip gloss too.
Chanel Waterproof Eyeliner; Hands down the best eyeliner I have ever used.
Dior Mascara.
Oroton Mirror.
Mac lipstick and powder.
Prada coin purse; actually, its pretty useful.


eleanor said...

Rich bitch!

Love it, everything high end huh?

Maria @ Chicisimo said...

Love everything but specially the sunglasses:)

Anonymous said...

omg! you have the e71? i was going to get it in white... do you recommend it? or is it not worth getting?

Mega said...

anonymous:Depends what you want out of a phone :) I personally love it. The layout is easy although you do have to get used to where all the functions are located.

Anonymous said...

thanks! i think i might just get it :)

Mayumi said...

Firstly your bag is beautiful! I love it :')
And secondly all the stuff inside your beautiful bag is amazing! I've wanted to do one of these for ages now but all thats really in my bag is sweet wrappers and loose coppers. I tend to bring flats in my bag too if I'm wearing heels,which is rarely, but still, (:

Brittney said...

Love your bag babe..
You'v inspired me to do a post on whats in mine. It might actually motivate me to clean it out


Anonymous said...

oh god. LOVE yr bag girl.

May Kasahara said...

love posts like this.


Ra said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. You are a bad ass.


SPTW said...

I deffinatly love your purse.

G. said...

Ohhh my! How can you afford all those things, haha?!

Thank God for my $1.26 bank account.

Anonymous said...

OMG, you're so rich! I'm jealous, I really love your style.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I want your bag ;)


Angie said...

i agree w/ eleanor, i was reading your list and i was like richhhhhhhh! i love how small and cute the gucci edp is. you rich rich girl :)

hows the dior mascara? im currently look for a new mascara


FashionLagniappe said...

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NOLIS said...

we have the same taste in phones.... good job



fashion nugget said...

I always love seeing inside bloggers bags, it gives an inside look on makeup. Smething bloggers dont get the chance to talk about, even though it influences fashion so heavily. Lovely bag by the way.

NICOLE said...

you have an amazing blog... just wanted to throw that out there

leessa. said...

after going throught your blog, and reading it, whilst being distracting by all the pictures i forgot how i even found you?
but what i do know is that i went to kingscliff high, now have left (thank god)graduated of corse. i had to go back and find out some HSC results, and i hated it, your school is ruled by blue shirts and death stares, its sad really. i agree with your posts about the bithcy girls, and me and my friends stuck together the whole of my schooling life, our recess sessions consisted of nothing but sitting in the sun, we tried not to even look around us. the judgment im guessing is only worse.
not sure if youll even read this, i dont even no how to use this, after deleting the old myspace im after somthing new. blogspace it is!
ill still refer back to yours for inspiration, :)

leessa. said...

ps i do remember you too, you and your style walking round the shool.

TASTE IN said...

I'm thinking of buying a coin purse, too.. seems like there's not enough place for change in my regular wallet ;)

And I totally love your flats!

LF said...

Beautiful bag!

Ellen Valensia said...

love it dear! :)

Carla Novia said...

everything's in black. cool

-L said...

Love the GUCCI Bag.. Fell in-love with it when I saw it in the in the fall.

KAREN WALKERS... My FAAV.. I just looove the ones I have.

** super cute BLOGG.

Evelyn C. said...

I love your bag but I couldn't find it in the gucci webpage, was it from very long ago?

Mayumi said...

i was lookin around tumblr and found your main whats in my bag photo but it had been credited to some other girl on flickr called NicciMaree. just thought i'd let you know, cus id wanna know if someone was using my photos as their own :/
love your blog as always xox

Mega said...

Maymui: Thanks! Grr to that person xD I posted a comment on it.

Anonymous said...

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