Sunday, September 27, 2009

Playing around

Attempting to study Economics but instead, have decided to play with some of my un-used makeup.
Im not all that thrilled with red.
Coloured lipstick makes me look funny.

Chanel lipstick

I havn't seen much coverage on the latest collections.

Burberry didn't conjur anything magical but I can't go past ruffles and skirts.

The criss-crossed layers of fabrics reminds me of Stretsis a few seasons back, so Im a little dissapointed at what this very expensive brand has brought to its customers.

Love the colours and texture though.


Anonymous said...

love the third look! Flowy fabrics and ruffles are always a win in my book!

-Lara from ClosetCat

lisa + cathy said...

yeah burberry did bore me
oh i wish i afford everything

Kathy Ly said...

I do economics as well! It's such a pain in the butt, especially when your teacher doesn't bother to educate you properly.
I love the new Burberry collection. The frills and ruffles make all women feel a little more feminine :)

Lana Hiroko said...

Is that the one that you push in and it pops out? I have that one too, I literally bought it like 4 days or so ago. Which shade is it? I bought Hysteria.

I agree about the coverage.

Fashion&Such said...

I was disappointed with their collection too :/
the photo of you is so cute though!

Anonymous said...

nice lipstick pic ;D

xtinagirl said...

I like the first picture of the dress with the criss crosses :) Even though it was nothing stand out amazing, I'm still a sucker for Burberry.


moichanelcouture said...

I loved this seasons Burberry collection aswell!
And I think red lipstick suits you really well!

mel said...

i love the skirt in the 2nd picture!

gi. said...

i love your first photo! it's really pretty!

Lorenzabiela said...

OH my freaking god! I LOVE the silouettes, and the textures, and all all on this collection

Thanks for you to all :)

Sabrina said...

I loved Burberry as well...and actually I really like your style, hope to see more!