Sunday, September 20, 2009

Q and A

In a rush to get this done and actually begin studying for the english exam tommorrow, this will come out a bit blegh.
Sorry guys >_<
Urgh, and I lost my remote for my camera.
Im quite horrible at taking photos in my room without it x.x

Congrats! what do you have to do?(On Diva)
I basically run the jewelry store. Restock, serve customers etc.

What are you thinking of doing career wise when you leave school?
I am interested in law and business.
I love fashion and will probably end up opening my own store after I realise I don't like what I'm doing :P
Although, I think I may get tired of talking about and selling crap all day.

Which bag do you think is best to use all year around?? (For college)
I would definately, DEFINATELY chose a bag the size of the Givenchy nightingale or my oversize LV denim bag. Sorry, I dont remember the name of it right now.
Simply because you can fit a tonne of stuff in them, and they're easy to carry.
Not that I own a nightingale but I presume it looks like a handy bag.

What is your favorite food?
This is a funny question xD
Being a hormonal teenager, I eat junk food all the time.
I have so many favourites like high in sugar tea, KFC, Nutella toasted sandwhiches, Mi Goreng noodles...

What are you favorite hobbies, and aside from that what's the best place to go to in Australia?
I love playing rpg games with amazing graphics like the Final Fantasy series and Prince of Persia(PS3 one).
I love anime/manga but havn't really been bothered with finding up new ones to read as of late.
I've never really been anywhere in Australia and felt overwhelmed by my surroundings. I'm going to have to give you a crappy answer and say home. :)

What is the most you are willing to spend on a piece?
A few hundred from what I am able to afford :)

What music are you into?
Any songs from any genre that sound good.
I really enjoy orchestra/piano and Disney songs.
But then of course I have sounds from Beyonce, red hot chilli peppers, Lady Gaga and whatevers hot right now.
I've compiled over 24gb of songs on my ipod; its full of different music :P

What is your favorite fashion blog/some of your go to sites? Do you have a fav. model?
Knightcat, Lefashion and Park and Cube are some of my daily fixes.
I don't have a favourite model because Im horrible and dislike a model when they do a bad photoshoot. :P

Can you do some more hair tutorials? :) or make a video and show us your shoe/bag collection?
I can promise you guys I am doing 100% nothing in two weeks; its holidays!!

Could you do some more of your room posts like you did previously and show us your walk in wardrobe:)
Two weeks :P

What skate moves can you do?
Go down a steep high hill and flip it around :P
I can do more surf moves than I can with skate.

Do you look at upcoming season ad campaigns? Do they inspire you?
Campaigns never inspire me or want me to buy something to be honest.
Its a waste of money.
Its the designers clothes being worn by normal people and laid on a magazine page with other desirable peices that promotes inspiration and want.

I would love to surf, where about in Austrailia do you live?
I dont want to reveal exactly where I live but some of you guys will probably figure it out.
I live 30 minutes away from the Gold Coast.

What brand are your reading glasses?
I bought them in some asian shop in Brisbane with no labels, sorry!
They're also just fashion glasses.

Is Liz and Larissa the same person? I often hear you talking about one or the other.
Yepp. I have lots of nicknames for her.

When are you graduating?
The 'right' age in NSW is 18. I'll be 18.

I've love to see some of your photos! Could you take pictures of your hometown? Perhaps streets in the city, the beach... I'm so curious! I know Australia is a very nice country. I'd love to visit someday.
Hmm, I cooould but I think it would be a form of internet bullying.
Seriously, you can't take a piture without someone looking unflattering in the background!

Maurie and Eve Dress
Sass and Bide Vest


Anonymous said...

first to read and comment wooooo

B a la Moda said...

Very nice and personal interview. I have been in the Gold Coast. i loved the city of Brisbane.

The dress is gorgeous!!!!! and the vest too.

B* a la Moda

freyja björk said...

Love your blog..
excited to see your closet and stuff :)

Ale. said...

The pictures are good, I enjoyed reading the interview a lot, nice to get to know you a little!

I love the sequin dress.


mel said...

hmm yea the pictures are a bit strangely taken but the dress u're wearing is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! :) the interview is interesting too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my questions Mega!

Anonymous said...

Love the whole outfit. (=

maxim said...

you NEED to read Princess Ai; its such a cute manga,and its 3 books so it doesn't drag on for forever like some manga's do. i think you would like it.

Charlotte said...

1) You can combine your passion for fashion with law- that's what i'm doing. Intellectual property law is an area that often involves designers. My friend recently worked with sass & bide who were suing sportsgirl and other companies for compying their design of black rats.

2) love the outfit!

3) definitely is spelled with an 'i' not an 'a'. Sticks out like a sore thumb when you use caps.

Charlotte said...

lol, i mean copying. Typo, not a spelling mistake :)

mango said...

I love that dress!

Namtan said...

you've got unique photoshotting & messy hair style. like it. :D

little shadow said...

Haha, the last answer cracked me up.
Great post, it's always interesting to discover more things about the person behind the blog.

Brittney said...

Loving this outfit

Brittney x x

Maddison said...

You seem to have similar aspirations as me for when you finish school. I love fashion and would love to do something business related. There's a fashion marketing course at Raffles school of Design and Commerce in Sydney. I attended their open day and the college is amazing you should have a look at that
But the fees there are pretty expensive :( so i have been looking at some other courses including an Advanced Diploma in Fashion textiles and merchandising at the Australian Institute of Creative Design which is at the Gold Coast
Both courses seem ideal for business minded people who love fashion but aren't so great at the design part and also for people who aspire to one day own a boutique too.
I hope this interests you :)

eli presentacion said...

always love reading q+a's! :) you are looking as cute as ever. ps. ive changed my blog to this one! xo, Kristine

Alba_Shopaholic said...


Anonymous said...

i love your blog

lisa + cathy said...

i think fashion marketing would be great for you! your very talented and creative :D
and go MIGORENG <3

Rianna Bethany said...

absolutely stunning outfit in these pictures.
Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

imane said...

wow your dress is amazing
like your blog, what a good surprise !
i'll be back here for sure !

cheeky girl

Fashionista NoNo said...

love ur blog, ur pictures are fantastic and ur style is effortless.
We're the same age nd i started my blog last week actually.I was asking if it is okay for me to add you on my favorite blog list on my website?

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Andee Layne said...

amazing! love the sequins and feathers!!great blog! Please check out my fashion and lifestyle blog please follow mine as I will yours! xo

Jessica said...

love your dress!

violette said...

really love the 3rd photo of you:) and so do your blog.

Song of Style said...

absolutely, LOVE LOVE your dress.
and your blog is so interesting (especially all the photos! love it)

Shared closet said...

OOOOOOooo..... OMG!!!
Easy: your blog is perfect, I havn´t worlds...

j-shan said...

ohh im absolutely in love with your dress!!
its so pretty it hurts!
nice to give an insight into your life :)

galia said...

I love your drees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

Un samedi... said...

I love so much your dress