Sunday, September 6, 2009


Okay, I'm on Youtube and bored.
I admit, I was a Potter fan back in the day.
Not the books, the movies.
I'd watch them once a week? (or twice..)
I still would be if the movie's weren't going downhill with excessive romance.


Carmen said...

I love this video, I saw it a while back and couldn't stop laughing. The girl is so cute in her reactions.

Have you seen the one where she meets Ron?


the ultimate taste said...

I loved HP too.. not it seem Ive just grown up out of it.. :P

Easy Alphabet Pony said...

is that what Hogwarts is like??

Looked much better in the movies.... ¬¬


yourfan said...

the one where she meets ron is even more hysterical :P she touches his eyelashes and he gives her a piggyback ride hahaha. rupert is so sweet!

and i forgot to ask these questions on the question post: HOW TALL ARE YOU? and WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR SUPER FLY BLACK GLASSES? hope you answer these :] i love your blog.

trina's reality said...

but did you like the latest movie?

Lilee said...

haha that's great!

clo said...

hey!! i like your blog.. and i was wondering.. how do you do to put the videos in the posts?
please help me!! i tried but i couldnt!!!

Anonymous said...

The books are classics.

The first movies were SO bad and SO badly put together, and don't even get me started on the acting. As the movies have gone on the acting has improved and so has the script (although both could be alot better considering...)
Your the first persons opinion i've read who actually disagree's with all that, so weird! Interesting to find out why :). Plus there is not much romance in the HP movies, something they add in here and there only for a few minutes, they are teenagers after all, aside from the magic aspect, their still people!

Anonymous said...

haha she's crazy, but in cute way :D

but i think the funniest part is how daniel is a bit embarrassed, like he can't decide how to react to the girl :D

ALB said...

I prefer the books, really. The movies are just sort of... Naah. Bland.