Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Back to school

This is the reaction I immediately think of when I think of back to school.

And here's a little something some of my friends did on their myspace.
You were supposed to tag yourself but someone beat me to it x.x

I bought a mac earlier this year and dropped it over a month ago.
It was the shortest drop I have ever known to dent a computer screen too, I'm not that high from the ground.
I won't go into more detail about the height specifications but I will rave on the frikkin $1,300 bill I would receive upon fixing the damn thing.

I bought a Sony Vaio to replace it.
It's on the large size for school but I loved the texture.
My mum kind of pushed me into buying a laptop that day and I felt bad enough for dropping my baby phase macbook so I got one of the cheaper ones, hence the large size.
She wanted me to get the Vaio pocket, which was a ridiculous $2k for a (almost) pda-sized laptop.
I think she forgets I actually study a multimedia course.
She doesn't really know what I've chosen to do at school actually.

Since I've gotten my laptop, I've been desperately looking for a gorgeous case.
I found a leather one from Mimco but am not sure if its worth it.
I am trying to be more money conscience >_<

I really wish I had listened to Larissa when she told me it doesn't matter what the case looked like, but she never showed me the site to back up her argument so I had no proof as to why I should chose a normal lidded one.
By the site, I mean Gela skins.
It has some amazing artwork for all sorts of platforms and devices but quite the overpriced with our crappy Aussie exchange rate.
Some artwork by one of my favourites is Audrey Kawasaki.
New favourites now include Jeremiah Ketner, Camilla d'Errico and KuKula.

And last but not least, a hot outfit to go with the gadgets.
Roland Mouret


T.P. said...

Hey there,
I've just started following your blog, I was somewhat aware of it a while ago, but it faded into obscurity in my mind.
I find it amazing that someone from the Gold Coast could make such a sartorially relevant blog. I wish we went to the same school, because you seem like a friendly gal :P (I'm not hitting on you, I'm gay :P Oh the stereotype!)
Whenever some ass feels like insulting you, just remember that there's a whole legion of people that adore you and your blog.
From Thomas xoxo

Violet said...

i like the phone and computer artwork they are so chic

Vi from Cali

alison said...

I have a gelaskin for my ipod, makes things a little more personalized & special

JVeronicaRose said...

Love the artwork! The first two and the almond branches are my favorites.
I'm thinking about getting a vaio next year for uni, which one did you get? There are so many to choose from!

Alba_Shopaholic said...

I love all! xoxo

KEREN said...

The artwork is incredible, as is the outfit ♥

Miss Jessica said...

I've been obsessed with getting a gelaskin for like a year lol but never did!!! i like these new designs you've chosen wayy more over the ones i would have bought last year!!! beautifullllll!!!! i think i might actually have to purchase one now :O

Sabrina said...

wow, those computers are amazing. I love the graphics!

bárbara said...

hi nice to meet you
i´m from spain


bárbara said...

hi nice to meet you
i´m from spain


Jayrin Eve said...

i found your blog a month ago. and i love you/it ;> those skins are all so frikkin beautiful.

Summer said...

The computer is so cool. Great one! Thanks for sharing this to us. have a great day ahead. =D

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

Ayse said...

you have a very nice blog! loves ayse

Anonymous said...

Where are you living in Australia right now? Do you love it?
I'm moving in April so I wanted some info. on what I should bring and/or leave at home.

Also, check out my blog when you get a chance and let me know what you think.

Nutasha said...

I say that you look up Dramatic Chipmunk Hey, aha.

cocorosa said...

I loveeeee all the artwork cases and Im soooooooo going to be careful with my little mac!! and I think I will buy a case for it first thing tomorrow!!! :)

love ya :)

LF said...

Haha that look describes it perfectly

x from holland

Tiphaine said...

Love the computer stickers, and that was the same for me & school (moreove that I know now I won't have holidays til' December OMG!), and I looooove your style and your blog, do you know you're in my favorites on mainchicavenue.blogspot.com ???!

see ya' !


Sarah said...

Love the final outfits!
Great blog! xx

THE YOON!T said...

good luck in school~ enjoy it while it lasts i guess :P

update! pleaseee :)

Shino said...

LOL I laugh SO much every time I see that video... hahaha... ok, I'll stop now... but its really funny.

Update soon! =)

violette said...

i love your blog. its so stylish and sophisticated:)

The Owl's Closet said...

wow, these laptop skins are gorgeous! thanks for posting. i've been looking for one since my lid has been scratched up. love ur blog, btw. very chic!