Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey pumpkins
Finally finished my legal assignment and off to better things for a few days

Regarding to the outfit post yesterday, yes it is indeed a fake wang and scarf.
I just did an essay on counterfeits and seriously, if you have any queries or problems please ask politely.
Because I know some people are rude and blatant.

Personally, I don't mind having look alike's from big brands because my mum has bought well over a dozen bags from Louis vuitton plus other accessories that could have bought me a sports car so I'm not feeling too harsh on them.
I am only 17 and yes, why not get a job and save for the authentic?
To be honest, $1000 for a bag?
That is a lot and I have better things to spend on in my young life.
I don't mind my parents buying it for me because they have no problem with it and if they say no, im cool with that.

This doesn't mean I will stop buying authentic completely though.
Perhaps in the future if I'm uber rich or if my mum is feeling generous this Christmas.

Love Whitney


samaher said...

i don't like fake bags but as you said you still young , let your parents buy you all the bags you want , i still ask my mom to buy me bags while am having my own job and i do make her pay my bills too

love chanel bag

mica said...

i noe 1000+ for a bag sounds like alot yeh? i like their new multicolour long wallet with the dark pink interior which doubles up as a clutch too, and that alr costs 945AUS$! after i knew the price, i immediately thot that 1000+ for a bag (more useful) is arguably reasonable. haha... i gotta work thru the summer break n earn some extra cash for shopping!

RITA said...

good bag and shoes are a good investment...of course if you can afford it...sometimes i am tempted to buy fake lv or chanel, but i always change my mind...i think it won't make me happy...

Jessica said...

i completely agree with you...if your parents don't mind, then that's great- whenever my dad buys me nice shoes or a bag I love it, but I probably wouldn't spend a grand on a bag...unless i was trippin balls on money. ha. love the whitney photos!

Anonymous said...

LOL i read back on your last blog's comments and i've got to giggle a bit. if they're too much of a coward to leave it as an anonymous comment, then they're of no importance whatsoever.

The scarf and bag accent to your already gorgeous look and if they're fake, then so be it. as long as they make the outfit work, then i say "who cares?" :]

loved her ever since i first saw her on The Hills with lauren on their first day at Teen Vogue.

Molly Rose said...

here here! as long as you don't try passing off the fakes as real, but openly enjoy the utter knockoffness... i say go for it! it's better to have it fake then not at all!

Anonymous said...

Honestly I understand managing a popular blog can be hard when some people start judging and being harsh(while most other people are just trying to show support and admire ur style including myself who comes to check our ur blog every now and then), but since u usually do put down what outfit ur wearing in ur photo most of the time, why wouldnt u state some of the items r fake? It is by no means saying u (or ur mother) dont have the money to buy so; it is just curious for us to know whats the reason u would NOT indicate the fakes in the first place, or at least not until someone pointed out. Ur somewhat a public image in this blogging world I guess, so Im sure there are a lot of people admire ur style and try to 'copy' or get inspired by ur style. So what does wearing fakes and posting it on the blog do? U can say this blog is maybe just for yourself and u dont need people's opinions like this but this is kinda the trade off when u get known by so many people. I understand ur still young and all that, so please don't take it too hard.

Mega said...

Anonymous I knew people were going to say that ;) I was going to write in my next post 'Can you spot the fake?' And do a post on my opinions with fakes. I was going to write down why I kind of support some forms of child labour as what other jobs do these children have anyway? Just incase someone was like 'blah blah fakes are evil and fund terrorism and child labour.' Computers have metals in them that are derived from child labour so yeah. Noone is exactly helping these people get a job when the counterfeits are forfeited so I dont mind.

Thanks for your opinion! I love opinions. I rarely get intelligent ones from my school so uhm, yeah XD

So incase you didnt get that because I was rambling, I was going to do a post on fakes, which I did, but I cant exactly write 'can you spot the fake?' as someone apparently did xD

Violet said...

well i love the bag fake or not. its way impossible to keep up and being young you know.

i love whitney too im glad she got her own shine with her show

in the first pics she looks like she had a bad day though

Vi from Cali

Beverly said...

who cares if it's fake who cares if it's real as long as it looks good haha! you look good in all your stuff anyway! but i <3 your style!

oh and i love whitney too!

vnss said...

I completely agree with you, especially since you are still young.

Hey, I'm a 20yr old student in Sydney and aspire to buy things as gorgeous as a $1000+ bag. Though I have to be more realistic about the how much I can spend.

Just a small query where is A. Wang look-a-like bag from?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - I also have the bag and scarf.

And be honest, I didnt buy it because I wanted ppl to think I had the genuine article - I genuinely wanted a leopard print scarf and the I adore the design of the bag.

Most ppl who criticise others for carrying fakes are often hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

agree agree! :)

Leire said...

Really, if there are good fakes I go and buy them, its not about "I'm trying to appear rich" its "i like this bag. period"

lulila said...

Wow this 2.55 It´s lovely!I want It!

Anonymous said...

where is the scarf and bag from? im dying to get my hands on that bag!

Bubu said...

ohh my god the chanel bag... but i prefer black bag

'Lee said...

I love her shoes and her chanel bag!
honestly, I see nothing wrong with fakes, not everyone has the money to be getting bags that cost £1000 when you get a cheaper option that looks just like it.

Theory of a fashion victim

fashionist__ahead said... beautiful pics..
i ll follow your blog..

Doviliukou said...

like her shoes!

Franzi said...

i love whitney, she is such an inspiration for me. And I'm very impressed that she keeps her LA Style in New York, go for it Whit!

Jax said...

Dude can you please tell which website you got the bag/scarf from? I'm seriously suss about most of the websites.... so it's good to know you managed to actually get your hands on some successfully! xox

Anonymous said...

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