Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kinda random post

My little brother went for school captain today in his primary school.
So proud.
I was only vice but it was fun.
I'm also going to join the formal and yearbook committee!
I'm not sure what that's like in other countries but our school isn't accustomed to yearbooks and such so its kind of exciting.

Ksubi liquid pants.

Oh my gawsh I love my flash sometimes.
And some of my purchases this week.

Brisbane Sale
We waited half an hour in the sun for the damn doors to open, plus an hour of waiting around beforehand because we didn't know what time it would open.
Thank god I was with someone I could talk to <3>


EN VANITÉ said...

hi ive been following your blog/fb for a while and i just wanna say I really admire you!

no bullcrap about trying to please you with compliments. you're really cool.

i'm from sydney btw

pchan&choi said...

Really love the shoes!!! where are they from??

RITA said...

u r so lucky because it is sunny&hot:) i wish it was sunny where i live:)
great purchases;)

Suzanne said...

looove the jacket and shoes! perfect sequin top as well :)

Anonymous said...

hey dude, was wondering if you were gna do any youtube vids soon ?

Ann said...

you are amazing. i lov your blog.:)

Doviliukou said...

you are so beautiful!
your style is amazing!
I like blog alot!

CAROLINE said...

you are really beautiful and youve got a great style (: nice!

Anonymous said...

love the glittery veston, i want it!


me encantan esas botas!y tu blog

bárbara crespo said...

amazing boots!!!

Keedah said...

Love your haircut and color! And good purchases

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that vest you got and i love that stam bag. I have the exact same one except i wore it so much its very sad looking these days.

F <--two girls blogging fashion in ny and chicago!

freyja said...


Martha said...

Damn, you're fabulous.
Love that jacket :)

Violet said...

the jacket and bag are perfect

and the seqiun number makes me drool

Vi from Cali

Blonde Chicette said...

I love your bags & the sequin vest.

xx, S.

fashionist__ahead said...

perfect bags...
i want them...!!

WinterBlossom said...

Hey, love the pics and your blog! Thats awesome your going for the yearbook committee! I was the editor for the yearbook at school and loved doing it. Great thing to do - taught me a lot about loads of things as well as getting to make new friends! :) xxx

Lissa said...

Haha I love that Ksubi tag.
And you are so adorable--I love your blog :D

Jenny Cindy said...

Loving your shoes - so cool!

Anonymous said...

OMG you have to do a formal post!!! What are you gonna wear?
Can you do a post with some floor length dresses? My formal's next year and im clueless! we HAVE to wear full length dresses -_-

cindy said...

i love your pictures! you have such a cute babydoll face :P

Nataly said...

You have gorgeous hair! That sequined shirt is love.

daydreaminblue said...

i will be infinitely jealous the eastern states had s&b sales and Perth doesn't even have one of their stores :/

Pippa Artus said...

I <3 the sparkle covered crop top!!! Really into them at the moment :) Just come on to your blog, definitely be following from now <3

Tayler said...

love the sequin!

Anonymous said...

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Beverly said...

omg i seriously just died! haha the glittery tank and those shoes! ahhhhh! and plus sass & bide! can it get any better? lol

Anonymous said...

What sort of camera do you use?x

ella said...

Hi, I am thinking about getting those ksubi pants, but could you please tell me how much they are cause their website isnt very good and doesn't show new collections etc. Thanks :]

Amie said...

ooh balenciaga! you lucky thing! Those boots are also really cute :) do they come in black?

Mega said...

Uber: Olympus e420, standard lense

Ella:I think they were $140. I got them from David Jones

Amie: Yepp. They are cassette society. You can get them from General pants co

Eugenia B.W. said...

Geez....Thats kinda like black friday sales over here...but the hype is for nothing. lol

Love your blog!

Dylana said...

Love your sweater!

Anonymous said...

what color is your hair?
i've been wanting to dye mine for so long but i haven't found the perfect color :\
i really love your hair color :D

the style spotter said...

love this outfit!! nice finds at the sale :)

Taryn Andre said...

new to your blog and i really like it.

Alba said...

Lovely look!! xo

Amanda said...

I love that vest.

tamara said...


'Lee said...

this is amazing, such great clothes!
really love your blog.

Theory of a fashion victim

Tourner la page. said...

so fabolous! OMG! I love your bags...

jane said...

love your first outfit! being from ny, and living in chicago now, i feel like i should see unique style like yours around more often but its surprisingly dull. : /

nice blog. : D

Anonymous said...


elizabeth said...

the vest is gorgeous, where did you get it and how much was it?

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