Thursday, December 31, 2009


It was a crazy fun day.
I'm not wearing my extensions which I usually wear for length or makeup.
It was weird because I usually put eyeliner as its sort of my uniform.
And I feel like my skin looks better without any powder o_O

And I lost my white sunnies in the wave pool :(

Tigerlilly Swimmers

Churros are sooo good.
My friend wanted to show me my patchy dye.
I wish I hadnt washed out the dye as soon as I got home, I wasnt thinking! >_<


My dry hair after chlorinated water; I look like a Koala :\
All you can eat Pizza Hut is the best.


Anonymous said...

I really like how your hair is on the third picture. It makes your head look proportional to your body. :)

JT said...

ur so adorable!! i swear!
love your blog! keep doing a dope job!


Luczis said...

Aw.. you look so adorable!! I love your hair!!

suzi said...

awesome outfit.
it's 215 post when I read your blog! :)

black jesse said...

omg i love your hair! <3<3

pip a la chic said...

I love pizza hut! The one in my town closed down years ago so I now travel half an hour to the nearest one!

cocorosa said...

I always love your hair!! I wish I could swim right now!! My hair always gets really really weird with salty sea water!!
have a happy new year :)

Panda said...

Just randomly stumbled upon your blog,
it's gorgeous :-)
i love your hair, and your so pretty!
Panda x
*follows you*

Bombchell said...

awww ur so cute, Im doing a blog contest u should def enter it :)

SPTW said...

You have the cutest hair ever. I really want that brown bag!

Anonymous said...

Your skin is amazing anyway, you dont strike me as the type that needs make up you have an amazing complexion.
Dont wanna sound like i creep but i wish i had your body! lol.
Oh and i love the nicole r post! didnt know she hired Zoe. i think its bad when people cant dress themselves haha xxx

Ann. said...

you look amazing!

happy new year! :)

laarnii said...

Woow, your hair looks amazing after the pool. Happy new year!~

posh-poison said...

girl,ur amazaing! Love your posts and pics :) happy new year!

Meeri said...

Nice to see that kind of pictures on your blog ! and I love your hair :)
Happy new year !!!

Barbara Frankie said...

immense hair!

Anisa said...

your hair is goregeous!

Spoonful of Stilettos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spoonful of Stilettos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spoonful of Stilettos said...

Where is your gorgeous bag from?
Please reply,
love your blog :)

Anonymous said...

hey is this you or a fake?

Eugenia Vela said...

you look like an eewok! so cute!!.. i looove your blog

Mega said...

Brex: Its me XD

Spoonull: Oroton

Tiphaine said...

Where did you get that awesome bathsuit ?

See ya'!

Anonymous said...

you're so pretty O_o

Violet said...

your pics are always fun

i love the glasses and your hair

Vi from Cali

SPTW said...

Where's that gorgeous brown bag from?

SPTW said...

Where's that gorgeous brown bag from?

The Owl's Closet said...

what a fun day!!:D ure too adorable! such a cute handbag and sunglasses:) thanks for sharing ur pics!

Sena said...

lovely hair you have


Jenny said...

your hairs are perfect !
xoxo from France

SunisĂșn said...

i really like your blog!!
visit me!^^

prashant said...

It makes your head look proportional to your body

beyonce video

'Lee said...

you look stunning, it's a shame you lost you sunnies, they're great.

Theory of a fashion victim

Eloise said...

Your hair is gorgeous!

Shaae said...

Whereeeee did you get your eye glasses, I love them and have been looking for ones like that everywhere


Mega said...

I dont know why my replies havnt been going through x.x;;

Bag is from Oroton, sunnies from some cheap $10 shop and bathers from tigerlily!

And I was quite skinny in these pictures so my head looked bigger in photo's. My face is naturally quite large, and Its also just how I posed as well.