Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hey guys, I could really use some good veteran advice here.

I went on a school excursion to nearby Universities in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area.
I still have no idea what I want to do.
I want to study law because I find law interesting but I also want to do a business course just in case.
I like fashion and manga too :P
Although, I don't think I could handle fashion as a career.
Stressing and revolving your day around garments isn't fulfilling, if you get what I mean.
And it certainly isn't a gateway to anything important in my opinion.
I think clothes have made more people depressed than they have pulled people out of depression.
Now that I think about it, saying clothes is a way to express yourself doesn't sound very positive.
To want to be defined by your clothes is stupid.
But at the same time, I'm stupid for saying thats stupid because I want to come out of the house with people thinking I'm a clean person who brushes their teeth and showers so I come out in preferably clean clothes.
I'm digressing but yeah.

Manga at least can have life changing metaphors.
Fashion can be life changing for better or for worse.
Worse for your credit card.
But, enough of my ramblings.

I was thinking about studying Law at Bond (if I get in) so I can complete it in the short time frame and get out in the work force earlier.
But at the same time, living with my parents isn't exactly what I had in mind for uni life.
I'd still be webbing and playing games at home (which I love and totally wouldn't mind really) rather than going out and having world experiences.

Any personal experiences or advice would be awesome.
And does it matter what university you go to?
I know I obviously won't get into Monarch or Sydney University but will they turn me away for going somewhere like Bond?
Thanks guys! :3

This isnt an outfit I wore on the excursion, just an old one I hadn't posted.
I'll post my outfits another day :)

Sunglasses - Chloe, Cape - Forever New; Dress - Maurie & Eve; Shoes - Sam Edelman

Why did I crane my neck? x.x

A photoshoot in Brisbane.
It was pretty exciting since none of us had ever seen a real one before.

A part of my outfit and me holding Izzy's camera.


Annachiara said...

you're wooonderfull!!! loooove you :D

Gigi said...

wauw, i love the outfit!

inkarlcerating said...

yer super! May i know whats yer cam?

L. said...

omg i love all your stuff!! i want!!

theTrendyDwarf said...

You look really beautiful in these pictures. You also look extremely chic. Your necklace in the last shot of this post is gorgeous. I also love your cape in the first pictures. Your purse is to die for! I have not seen anything like it with the studs on the bottom. It kind of makes you look like a rebel. LOL! I like how you can pull of the circular glasses perfectly and a leather mini dress as well. I love your blog!
check out my trendy blog!

H K said...

It's really up to you in the end what you want to do, it has to be something that can make you happy or at least not bore you to death. I can honestly say going to University was one of the best choices I have made, even more so living away from home, it is a real big difference so I would vouch for moving out if possible, even if you don't have to, somehow get out!

I don't think it matters where you go as long as you try your hardest and do well.

Fashion Therapist said...

LOVE your sunglasses and your purse!!!

Jay said...

just because you decide to pursue one thing doesn't mean you have to neglect the rest of your interests. with something like law, it's more serious and takes lots of time and dedication. but if you learn how to balance out your education and the rest of your life, you will be fine.

if you wanted to pursue fashion or manga, it takes time too but i feel like it is more of a hands on kind of thing as opposed to reading and studying all the time. i personally don't think you need to go to a particular school for things like that since it is really hands on and you learn as you go.

staying at your parent's home isn't so bad. you have the rest of your life to be independent =) you can wait until after college, especially if you don't have the finances to move out and you have to depend on your parents to pay your rent, get you groceries, etc.

hope this helps. i know it's confusing graduating high school! we have all been there.

p.s.-whennnnn are you going to start your sale blog!? haha you are alllllmost like my size and i would buy ALL your clothes. they are too cute.

Lina said...

I live in America, so I don't know if the same rules apply, but for undergraduate school all the universities basically teach the same material. When, and if, if you choose to go to graduate school, you should pick a better university. Also, you can take different courses in different fields which is a smart idea. A lot of people i know went to college thinking they knew what they wanted to do, and after taking a few courses in that field, they completely changed their mind. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

PS - where did you get that bag? i saw in one of your previous posts that it was a knock off but i could't find any stores here that sell it since i also cant afford real alexander wang either

Sasha b. said...

I'm SO jealous that you have that bag! I want it so badly. You are so gorgeous! As far as your career, Just do what you're most passionate about. And if you start doing something and decide it's not for you, you can always change! Best of luck :)

xoxo black n gold a la mode

Jessica said...

my advice as a 4.5 year college graduate:

i already knew EXACTLY what i wanted to do as soon as I entered my freshman year. I loved art, but I knew I had to pick something realistically so I could get a job and make a living. I ended up picking graphic design and I loved it.

The key is to pick something as soon as you can, because if you wait after your second year or something, it'll take forever to graduate. Also, you want to pick something you'll really LOVE, because trust me, if you don't, you'll hate it. I can't tell you how many things I sacrificed, hours of lost sleep and times where I just lived and slept in the library, the studio or the darkroom. It was alot of tough work, but I'm so proud of myself and if I had picked something else, I would have been miserable.

as of right now, due to america's shitty economy, i still haven't found a job, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed and my chin up!

don't stress too much about which school you're going to- in the end, it's really not going to matter because whenever you want to get a job someday, the person who's interviewing you or doing the hiring really won't give a shit if you went to the most ivy league school in your area or the most average. (believe me, i'm telling you this from experience). all they'll care about is your resume looking good, knowing what diploma/degree you got and if you have an outgoing personality and you're a hard worker.

ah! i know that was long but you'll do great! i'm so excited for you!


RITA said...

i have masters degree in economics, but that's not quite what i would like to make your choice wisely;)

Beverly said...

what's your email? i have quite a lot to write to you

Marjorie said...

Hey hey fellow aussie :)
so jealous of the edelmens :O
Stop by some time xx

Kait said...

def live away from home if possible. you'll meet so many great people and have so much fun and learn much more than just what you are taught in your classes. i'm jealous that you are just starting university. it is sooooo much fun!!!1

Amie said...

love that cape and those boots!

re: university
personally because i'm doing a course that is very ambiguous and relies on you to get where you want to go (arts/media) i don't think it matters what uni you go to as long as you are willing to put in the work to take you places. if you really love what you do, it'll show and you'll get where you want to go

and yes, university life is probably more exciting living on campus because it throws you into independence and you make friends easier but its also pretty stressful ie money wise and cooking for yourself - with a heavy course like law, i think it would be doubly time consuming!

but i dunno you are probably better at time management than me! haha

don't worry too much about the "financial stability" part and just have faith in what you love to do :)

x amie

Macy said...

If you choose to Law, it'd mean you have to work damn hard (though I imagine you already know that). A fail in one Law paper (here in NZ) means you've pretty much failed the whole year. It's super competitive. On the other hand, a lot of people find it hard to decide what to do and end up switching majors in the 2nd half of the year.

And about the living thing... from personal experience, it's much more beneficial experiencing the real college life moving outta home. As you can imagine, it forces you to become a lot more independent which actually helps with studying too.

It's up to you in the end, but regarding the living situation, I definintely say moving out is the best option.

lolizzie said...

what a beaut! good luck with whatever you choose! I'm in year 11 so i don't think I'd be much help lol sorry!

The Owl's Closet said...

this is such an exciting time for u!:) i was in ur shoes and to be honest, one of the best ways to really focus ur interest is through exploring. i don't think it really matters which university u go to as long as u work hard and keep up with ur studies. it seems like u have various interests, i.e. law, business, manga. perhaps try out some classes in these areas during ur first year and see which one u would like as a career:) just because u decide to do one doesn't necessarily mean that u have to neglect ur other interests. it's basically all about balance, which i'm sure u will find!:)

another thing is not to take too long to decide on a major, because this could potentially set u back a year or two depending on the program u decide upon. this happened to a few of my friends when we were in college. instead of just trying out different classes, they sat and pondered about what to do for a quarter or two. in the end, they were set back about a year since certain classes for their major were offered only once or twice a year:( basically, they had to wait until the following school year to finish.

as far as ur living situation, it is definitely an exciting time to be on ur own but of course, it comes with consequences. in addition to high cost of rent, there are bills, bills, bills lol if u do decide to stay home, it will definitely save u lots. besides, there will be plenty of time to be on ur own:)

sorry for the long post, but hope this helps. i'm so excited for u! i'm sure whatever u decide on will be for the best:) btw, love ur cape! u look great, as always. i just love the pic of u smiling wiht ur friend (the one below the photo shoot picture). have a great weekend!

Kathy said...

love your outfits! always been a fan who has been coming by without saying much.

If you think about those areas, sounds like you're not so interested in fashion as a career and are considering art, law and business. I would say, try to talk to people who are in those areas and see if you can shadow them. Then it'll give you a real good idea if you want to do those as a career. I'm not from Australia so I don't know much about those universities you pointed out. Hope that helps a bit!

bowsnhearts said...

Wow I love the quality of your photos and the cape you are wearing! I have no idea that Forever New had a cape!

ladyish said...

your photos are so nice, what camera do you use ?

VLover said...

In Australia the Uni you go to is not so important, the people who employ you one day do not care, as long as you are capable.
In terms of your education ANU in Canberra is the best one for law. Like heaps better then anywhere else. Especially if you happened to be interersted in international law (aka, going on an awesome exchange.)
I had the same thought as you in terms of frivolous career, (I used to want to be an interior designer) and it's very, very true. I studied it for a semester, and it made me want to rip my brains out with its pointlessness.
What I have worked out, is be where you are happiest. Because you're at uni for a long time, and if where you live, or who you live with makes you miserable, then you wont apply yourself properly, and then it's all a waste of time.

Your other option is try things at home (or in another state) and if it isn't working, change, it only takes a semester to figure this out, and apart for a couple of evil schools (like Sydney) transferring at the end of the year is not very hard.

Just try to remember the degree and school you enrole in to begin with does not have to be the one you finish with. You are allowed to change your mind.

Lucy said...


Fashion and Law?! Why not mix the two??! I'm studying my final year of law whilst working part-time in a law firm and writing for a publication on Intellectual Property law- which my main area of focus is design and fashion law. And I am loving all of it- studying, working in the firm (which is mostly conveyencing and litigation) and of course writing in one of the areas of law which I have a real interest in.

"Fashion Law" is an umbrella term that encompasses areas such as intellectual property, Trade Practices Law, and policy considerations like consumer behaviour and marketing. It's really interesting and refreshing.

Just thought I'd drop you a line so you do realise that law and fashion aren't two distinct possibilities for a career. Law is such a broad career choice and you probably won't know what you want to do with it until you've studied the material for a couple of years. But go for it! It's hard work, but is very rewarding.

my email is if you have any questions :)

bye. said...

I say dont live at home. I've been at a uni for 2yrs and the best part I must admit has been the experiences of living alone.. well w. roommates. (although it can be expensive) Seriously its worth it. I loved living with my parents but you dont get the full experience like you would if you got an apartment with and had roommates and staying on campus freshman yr is great to you'll meet way more ppl that way and college is all about networking. I hope this helps f.y.i love your blog

Michelle Park said...

just bought those sam edelmans. after three years of coveting them they are mine. they are amazing!

will post pictures of them tomorrow!

daydreaminblue said...

Being completely honest, it does matter where you study law and future employers will favour students from unis just as monash etc. That's not to say that you wont get a good job, particularly if you get very good grades. I study at the Uni of WA and it is a well known fact that graduates from there are first choice over any other uni in WA.

Hope that helps! :)

d. said...

I second bye.'s & Lucy's comment. One of the most important things that Uni can do for you is not only to prepare you for work, but to prepare you for life in general. If it is possible, I'd always recommend moving out, and to keep your household seperated from your parents (i.e. no weekly sleepovers where mommy takes care of food and laundry for you ;) ) - simply because you can learn so much about how to stand on your own feet without the fear having no place to fall back to (if things go bad, your parents will be there to help sort it out). From apartment hunting to dealing with authorities, keeping your account balanced (rent, food, books for university, shopping) and running your own household - all those things can be learned during university ;)
and concerning the question what you want to study... I picked something in a rush when I was coming out of highschool, and even though I realized in 2nd year that it wasn't 100% the right choice for me, I still stuck with it. I don't know how long your 1st degree takes (in my case it was only 3 years) - but I recommend finishing it. Now I'm looking for a Masters' degree which will complement my Bachelor degree's choices. In the end, just like Lucy said, it comes down to your own creativity and the spin you can put on a certain "serious" degree choice. A recommendation though: Try to gain experience through internships. Where I live it seems virtually impossible to get a job after your first degree if you have no prior work experience... (a problem I'm facing right now)

Anonymous said...

i lurrvee your whole outfit!

Lorenzabiela said...

Luck Mega! I hope you'll find the way.

You looks SO Mary Kate Olsen here and I love it for real :)

rachel kathleen said...

I went to UQ and loved it - but deciding what uni to go to really depends on what degree you want to do. I'd say if you want to do law and business look into doing a double degree - but that's a LOT of work!! My sister is doing one but she is nuts and got an OP1. (I'm very prouf of her!)
Anyway, the reason I chose UQ was because it has one the most reputable psychology school in the Southern Hemisphere. But if I was going to do Fine Art or teaching (other avenues I considered) I would have gone to QUT. So.. I'm not sure about Law but I have a lot of friends who did Law and Commerce at UQ who loved it.
In terms of your last comment about whether Bond would turn you away, it's going to be based on your OP obviously.. So I'd say just try not to let the stress get away from you this year and just keep working (with a balance of leisure - this is essential to stay sane!) Bond is also private, which I'm sure you know, so they look at who can pay tuition too.
As for living arrangements and worldly experiences, I lived on campus during my first two years and LOVED IT. You meet so many people, it's an easy transition from living at home, and it's QUITE the experience!!

I hope that helps. Good luck!

pip a la chic said...

WOW! You wore high heels to a school excursion? I wish I was as stylish as you when I was back in high school.
I studied fashion, I enjoyed it. but like everyone else said its up to you what you choose and I agree it doesn't matter where you go to study. All my friends went to ni I went to TAFE/college and I;m glad I did.

Anonymous said...

I'm a law student in the United States, which means my experience with law will be much different from yours (in the US, law is a graduate program only, so we have to go to four years of undergrad and then and only then can we apply for law school and get a degree in law; other countries provide law as an undergraduate program). My advice is don't choose law for some abstract reason or because you have a passing interest in the law. Becoming a lawyer is like becoming a WoW gamer--you learn to live in a completely different world and you learn to see and navigate that world in a way that most normal people do not. It's like jumping into a parallel universe of sorts and, before you know it, you start seeing civil suits left and right and make contract jokes that no one who isn't a law student gets. There's a lot of paperwork involved once you are a lawyer and it's much less time arguing in court or even meeting clients and much more time researching some client's tax records than you would think. Court appearances--the kind you see in cop shows--are very rare; most cases get settled out of court. Some lawyers don't really even interact with their clients in any meaningful way. My overall suggestion is to really research what a lawyer does in your country and see if you want to put up with that for a good couple of years. Most lawyers do find their jobs fulfilling (at least in the States), but many people are surprised to see the kind of things real lawyers do since it's vastly different from what television lawyers appear to do.

Good luck!

Beginning Boutique said...

UQ is great for Law and so is Bond, some people think that Bond is you just pay to get through but others think that is really shows how hard working you are.

Bond is crazy hard. Like a full time job that is full time study. Not heaps of time for fun.

UQ is beautiful, well acknowledged and have great programs.

If your passionate about something do it.

I hope this helps!

What photoshoot was in Brisbane? X

B-ritt. said...

This is 100% amazingg! Check out my blog btww :)

Fashion&Circus said...

Ooof, i love your style- you look great!! love this cape coat-gorgeous!


Milan said...

I feel you on the fashion industry miss. I work in fashion and it can be very hectic and due to the economy in the states, there aren't a lot of jobs in it at the moment. You have plenty of time to figure out what you want to study. It's not uncommon for freshmen and even sophomores in college to still be undecided. By your sophomore or junior year, you usually know what you want to major in. And sometimes you go in with one thing in mind and graduate with another. I went in as a pharmacy major and came out a fashion major. Lol.

These days, at least in the States here, it doesn't quite matter as much where you go to school. It's more about who you know and network with when it comes to finding work. I mean you want a good education but the "name" isn't really as important as it used to be (probably b/c there are so many universities with great connections/networks popping up now).

I highly recommend experiencing the college experience at least one year of your college career, preferrably your freshmen year. I say your freshmen year b/c that's when you make a lot of your friends that may turn into life long friends. The campus life experiences are some of the best times of your life.

Sometimes I wish I could go back. ESPECIALLY my freshmen year. Very fun times. Good luck in your search and applying to universities. :D

chriscee said...

i love your outfits!
Regarding your question of whether the uni you go to counts, in a matter of fact I believe it does to an extent. If you visit and you compare the statistics and employment rates, these vary from uni to uni. For instance, whereas if you come from Sydney University the employment success is 5 stars, whereas Macquarie is 1 star. I'm not sure about Bond because I'm from NSW but yeh.

Best of luck for uni :)