Sunday, August 1, 2010

The following contains rambling highlighting my low intellect

Thanks for all your sweet comments guys.
I hope i am 'inspiring' you XD

Next holidays, i swear I will do video tutorials!!
Swear on my mothers grave :3

I have been asked to do room, hair and makeup so if you have any other suggestions, I don't mind doing them. (fashion/beauty related please :) )
Also, I need to do that massive Q&A a few months back...

Not to mention my cramming isn't going to get me good marks.
Meh, I really don't care as much now as i know I'll end up doing some kind of pathways or something.
More time to blog after school and heaps of travelling!
Can NOT wait.


Kasey said...

woww I love your outfit with the pink blazer, it's gorgeous; your blog is gorgeous, i am now addicted to your sense of fashion
keep up the good work

Glayki said...

i love your amazing posts and your style!

Anonymous said...

do you have a youtube account? if so, can you send me a link please? :) love your style! x

anna bu said...

oh how beautiful!
great photos!


StyleNonsense said...

The Interior Is Deadly!

iDiodora said...


ellyphant said...

Heyy isn't that third picture from another blogger? Do you remember her blog? I thought I was following her.. >w<

Anonymous said...

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Ceri said...

Love these pictures. Your blog is beautiful! I'm new to the blogging world, so if you wouldn't mind looking at my blog, I would greatly appreciate it!