Friday, August 27, 2010

Once again, I'm back and over school.
Failed a a few tests and didnt do my multimedia major.
I also gained 4 kg. I was once a 44, now a 48.

On the bright side;
The trials are over.
I'm alive.
I've updated the blog.
I'm going to Sydney this weekend for a funeral but hey, ITS SYDNEY.
Going to a show or two so keep your eyes peeled for pictures of stylish people I see and of course, the fashion! :3
If you see me, we should totes take a picture together ;D

My mum usually puts more effort than this when going grocery shopping as in, she wears a nice top and jeans, but she decided to go school pick-up mum. Actually, she decided to just leave the house in her house-mum cleaning clothes, which is fine.
I don't 'dress up' but I suppose this looks dressed up to most people.
In all honesty this is casual to me.
I always feel under dressed when i'm in plain jeans/skirt and a t-shirt unless I'm wearing alot of accessories.
When people ask, which often quite a few do, I tell them these are the clothes I bought and am going to wear because I like them and bought them.
They are no different to what you're wearing; shorts (or jeans, skirt), t-shirt, handbag and jewelry; the staples most women wear.
What woman do you see walk by without jewelry and a handbag?
I've watched and tried to spot one before. It's like Where's Wally? but no Wally.
Albeit the glasses function only to camouflage under eye bags in this particular case, I understand why people would question those.
I suppose I could bring up the argument from another point of view though, a dress isn't just 'a dress' as they may serve different purposes.
I still hardly find my outfit dressed up.

The painting is actually a sticker from gelaskins.
It looks reeeally good on my white mac.
I can't stop admiring it during class.

I found these babies in Temt.
Tempt has a few nice things but the quality and price ($60 for a blouse) really turns me off.
Finding these was a really big shock.
Only $30 too :3


I looove this girls hair!
I am definitely going to bleach my hair orange again but after the formal.
My mum got me to chose a few dresses and she would go out and buy one.
Fingers crossed it fits well.
It is pink and I find pink and my orange hair and dark skin didnt go so well together so I'll have to wait until after the formal.


SunisĂșn said...

love this ring!!!

i hope to c ya in my blog!:)

Immelia said...

where did you buy this owlring?
it's gorgeous.
I tried to understand thetext,but my englishskills aren't enough.
So I just tell you how lovely you are!


Totally got you on the tests and all. I had to write a thesis for school and it wasn't good enough to get my diploma.. So i had to sit home all summer and rewrite it. Turned it in today and hope it will be approved this time.. Good luck with the funeral.

By the way i love your hair the way it is now, but orange will probably suit you as well :)

Sjanna from wehavebeenexpectingyou

Cylia said...

hey girl!

have been following you a while now and see you're back again:) I love your style and your fashion sense.. it's amazing! maybe more amazing than you might already know.

just wanted to leave a comment!;)


heart+bleecker (previously daydreaminblue) said...

ahhh chanel...a vintage one is coming my way in the post soon, so excited!

Love the new layout, very different! You need to post more, i always look forward to your posts xx

Ines Mariel said...

I love ur outfits babe. come to syd!!! be seeing u there!
p/s : i commute back and forth frm syd to malaysia.

Mani said...

Aw the photo with your mum's cute :D And those shoes are so nice, I didn't know Temt had shoes!

Lisa said...

I absolutely love your blog + your style of writing! and the pictures of course, love the owl-ring and the shoes. and hey, I don't think you're all that dressed up! dressed up to me is overdressed in other people's eyes... we're the same.


dishly said...

i love how you're not afraid to wear what you love even though ppl think it's 'dressed up' :) u are adorable!
ahah 44 --> 48, how tall are u? u still look waay skinny! healtthyy skinny :)

have fun in sydney!

a smart blond said...

Haha i kind of understand you, I always look dressed up when I go to school because I like wearing dresses and skirts, and most people are in jeans and t-shirts :)

natt said...

first photo is so rad.
and dont worry about failing a few tests... it happens.
i can sympathize.


Rich Girls. said...

i always enjoy your posts.
i really loved your previous layout, but i do love that you play around with the look every now and then.
have a killer time in sydney at the shows. can't wait for melbourne shows next week!
oh, and i adore that black and white sequin top you've got on. x.

Kimberly Ford said...

I love those glasses.. who makes them? They work so well in the first picture, I absolutely love it.

Keep posting, such a great blog.

xo K

Jessi Lou said...

I love your Chanel bag! And owl ring! So cute.

Amazing blog.

Sally said...

I am absolutely in love with that owl ring. What vendor did you purchase it from?

The Velvet Bow said...

I am crushing on all these items!

crazy pig said...

I just admire the first photo! You look awesome and the atmosphere and lighting are stunning! Love your hair ♥
And- your blog template is sooo good for blogspot! DId you do it yourself?
followin' baby :)

roxanne said...

your glasses are so rad. i'm dying to wear round frames but they just don't flatter my face.. c'est la vie.

Julia said...

beautiful pictures - and I adore that ring!

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

I love your ring!! and that Mimco bangle!!! I'm a new follower & I'm from Perth :)

pearl said...

beautiful pictures, as always! do check out my blog! i've just started a new giveaway & i hope to see you enter :))


annie ✮ said...

Love the ring! So adorable :)

Dylana Suarez said...

You are so cute!

bravegrrl said...

i love your hair. super cute!

Ellen said...

i love your style that stripey sparkly top is gorgeous :) its so fresh and fabulous. I just love reading what you've been up to :) great work.


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Anonymous said...

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This is so cute! Love the ring and what you're wearing !
Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

lovely ring !

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

Amber Whitecliffe and Hilary Johnston said...

gosh your glasses are rad!
they really make your look unique :)
much ♥ amber

Adriana and Cindy said...

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