Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I've never received any useful homework help from both my parents which is fine.
I love how my parents are polar opposites with alot of subjects which always works to my advantage in three way arguements.
I suppose I'm the middle man.

Despite our differences, my dad and his religious right winged views and my mums limited intellect, I love them both and count them as my dearest friends.

Apart from Lizzy being my best friend, I'd say my mum is also my best friend.
We have similar taste in music, fashion and opinions although for the latter I am responsible for in a large way.
I'm so glad that I can count my mother as being such a supportive friend throughout my life.

So happy birthday mum!

Cameo Dress - Mimco Necklace - Balenciaga Bag - Seed suede Boots


I know.. Wtf happened to your leg Mega?!?!
I know as much as you do o.o;;;;

Maxi dress pinned as skirt - Cue Blazer



whitney said...

This is the most adorable post! LOVE that dress on you.
Your mum looks so young and stylish.

Candypop said...

you and your mum loook so cute! Your mum looks so young =O

Mega said...

My mum is oold lol. She's 40. :)

Elena said...

OMG! I loooove all your stuff ;P

Check out my blog:

Elena from

Jess said...

Great post, you and your mum are adorable. Did you get your hair dyed again? it looks darker.x

ROXI said...

Both you and your Mum look amazing! That Cue blazer is to die for, so glad that you're back to blogging regularly :)

soniavalentine said...

whoa! you guys have awesome skin. lol...your mom has nice style too!

Michelle said...

Wow. You and your mom look great together. She has cute style like you. ;)

Kelly M. Preston said...

Oh my gosh, I've missed you. Is that weird to say? You're just adorable and so is your mum!

trenuh's reality said...

Love the look of your dress. And I'm always looking forward to seeing your blazers.

PiruletadeGato said...

So great that you're back blogging :)

Francesca said...

hey! it's good to discover another aussie blogger. love your blog! you have sick style. xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Glayki said...

love your dress

Lisa said...

I love the way you pinned your maxi dress, you both look lovely! And your mom is so young! (I read that she's 40 but my mom is almost 50 while I am 17.. and I'm the eldest of three, can you imagine.)

Love, Lisa

MariloƩ said...

you're looking so great on this photo :)

elisa said...


Mega said...

Thanks ladies! <3