Thursday, July 28, 2011

Okay so I went grocery shopping then got bored so I took pictures when I got home.
I got my little brother to take the photo's and I was kinda feeling bloated so my advice to him was "Make me look thin."
I'm like WTF thin in these o.O

Aanyway, nothing new to post here other than I really don't know what I'm going to do with my life.
Please give some mature advice if you have any for me and any other reader in the same predicament!
My options are;

1. Go live in Gladstone(which is kind of a desert shit hole to be honest with some nice people but nothing to do) and work for the mining industry gathering animals to a safe zone so they can make it a mining zone and make literally half a million dollars in two and a half years.
2. Go to Bond university and study business or communications, force myself to learn Indonesian, Japanese and Cantonese so I am bilingual and have that degree ready for the career world. Whilst doing so I incur a $85,000 uni debt but I'm living with my rents so no rent needed. I would probably lose my part time/full time job in the process though since noone is hiring at the moment and they don't really like uni students partaking full time studies.
3. Move to Sydney, be dirt poor and try and open my own store. (lol something I would probably fail at but I would work so hard at it.)
4. Your opinion.

Thanks guys for enduring this mid life crisis crap if you actually read my blog posts :p

Karen Walker Sunnies - Subtitled top - Sportsgirl Skirt - Dissh Jewelry - Jeffrey Campbell Shoes



Elena Martínez Bengoechea said...

love your cross necklace!

Check out my blog :

Cylia said...

hey girl:) you're a stunner.. loving the blue backround.. my advice: you should really think of what you really want.. because it can define your future life/work. I'm not familiar with anything to do or to study in Australia.. and having a goal and a diploma is really important.. even though that sounds really parent-ish. You can always fall back on it. and be more positive! there will always be negative things to find.. but that doesn't have to stop you from doing what you like. hope this helps in any kind of way;)

Rich Girls. said...

firstly, i love the outfit.
the khaki skirt with the strips of the top looks incredible together.

it's really hard to decide which is best. although the first option doesn't sound terribly appealing, ideally i'd probably choose that first of all, in order to gain a whole heap of money to then make option 3 possible. and then i'd have option 2 to fall back on/carry on after my store is a total success.

good luck with it all, lovely! x.

Meg's said...

I follow ur blog everyday and I found that you have an incredible sense of fashion. For my mind, you should begin a fashion career because u r just amazing!!! ( i don't know but i hope i help u, it's a dificult decision)

soniavalentine said...

Option 2!!! It really sounds the best. Its a big decision though but you should for sure experience college. You could always change your mind. The other options don't sound as appealing unless you really want to work with animals (#1) .....good luck! i hate these type of decisions but remember it's really going to effect the quality of your life in the long run..

Macy said...

love your boots, soooo cool. I've always wanted them in red. And your hair is perfect!!!! Definitely should do a hair-post in the near future, I'd be so keen to see that.

And as for what you should do for the future, go to uni and live with your rents. Uni is an experience in itself. I realize that uni isn't the only option, however it's a good one to consider. You'll meet people and learn a lot of time-management skills xD

theamateurfashionist said...

love ur style!!

my opinion is... if you are not a study sort of person. there is no point in going uni. you will be wasting ... how many years of uni doing something you dont even want to do in the first place. thats what happened with me. i thought the best option was to go to uni.. ( and also to make my parents happy)... but in the end. i got my degree and did nothing with it. a lot of ppl i know went to uni and went out not even doing what they studied in uni! is that a waste or what?.. but if u want to experience uni.. then go for it.

but if your passion lies in fashion (which clearly u have a good eye for it) then id go for option 3?.. opening your own boutique. i think ud be good at choosing whatever to sell etc etc. yes u need a lot of money and stuff. so just work your butt off. finding jobs.. to save money for a couple of years. when u have enough and do enough research to open up a store then i say go for it!!!.

dont waste your life doing something you want to do. do something that you feel passionate about!!

thats my opinion.

SeaofGirasoles said...

love everything about this look!

Alice said...

I can SOO relate to how you're feeling. But this is the best advice I have, and I'm sure you've heard this before:
Do something that YOU want to do. That you're INTERESTED in. Because if you don't, just hope that 20 years later, you won't regret the decision you made.

As for opening your own store, I think that's a good idea. If it's what you really want to do, then go for it. And this is going to sound so corny and cliche, but you will learn from your mistakes/failures. It will make you stronger. Besides, you said you would work hard, right?

In my opinion, I think you should create a store online (even though I think you already did) and once you have enough money, use it to open a real one.