Friday, September 2, 2011

 Went for coffee with my friends today by the beach.
I was lounging around in these pants and jumper at home and put the heels on to jazz it up.
The jumper was sale from Dotti for $39 and the pants from Tempt for only $20!
I had no idea for awhile that these shoes were Louboutin inspired until I saw my mums friend wearing them! :O


Carmen said...

amazing shoes!! I love it


Mayumi said...

I love this whole outfit, I wish I could go to Australia to check out all the shops, you can never find anything like that in the UK. xx

MechanicalGirl said...


madzia said...

nice pants, jumper ans shoes :)

madzia said...

nice pants, jumper ans shoes :)

Ismay said...

Beautiful outfit! Love aw diego it's so pretty!


augustalolita said...

loving the jumper and pants <3

Serena said...

Your outfit is AMAZING!
Now following you on bloglovin'

Love from Seoul,

Alicia said...

Your style is amazing, love the shoes!

Mundo de Alicia ❤

vie said...

Recently discovered your blog. LOVE.IT.
And your style.
That grey outfit is so fab !