Saturday, January 24, 2009


To the wonderful (G)et; your comment was so cool!!
And I actually deleted this post because I wondered if posting twice a day would be overload but oh well xD

Somebody sent me hate mail (I'm pretty sure I could classify it as hate mail) and whoever it is, thanks. :)
Seriously, whatever criticism you want to tell me, just tell me.
I realized in grade 8 (2 years ago) that I can't make everyone happy and it's nice to know somebody isn't just going to bitch about me behind me back.

This person told me to grow up, I am growing up.
Call me old or young, I'm 16 and will laugh at myself in a few years time, like I laugh at the me 2 years ago.

I'm not very smart, I just have the knowledge I need to know to get through with what matters in my life.
I never proofread, bad habit of mine which gets me bad marks in english.
Half of the other reason why I type like a ten-year-old is because I speak like one.
Australia is such a nice and casual place.

I stopped dancing, tennis, piano lessons and other physical activities I loved a few years ago because I didn't want to burden my mum by driving around for me and they just got boring and were pretty much pointless.
I spent that time sitting in front of the computer and tv playing video games.
This led to internet and that led to blogging.
I'll probably get over blogging sometime this year though, because I'll probably have so much work during senior.

I have an easy lifestyle because my parents are old and retired and are about to sell their land.

Alot of people disagree with me.

Alot of people hate me.

Alot of people want to beat me up.
WHAT THE?! To those people.

But ok then.

Just letting you guys know that no matter what I say or seem like, I'm always happy to meet new people and interacts with people form other countries.

And here is the gorgeous Doutzen Kroes who really needs to go back to being a brunette.
I love her lips 8O


Rissa said...

Please sendz me their email so I can like auto bot spam no I shall sign them up for something awful. Mwhahaha.

Fuck everyone :) Thats my advice. I love you. <3

btw. I cant see her hughmungo lips. We should merge her and joshs face together and see if the lips change ;o

Lesley said...

People be haters. Keep up the good work! :-)

tuulia said...

"The shit you hear about yourself might be true, but then again, it could be as fake as the bitch who told you."
this is a saying i keep in mind when i hear things being said about me.
people will always talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live. LET THEM. you've affected their life, they haven't affect yours.
you're a gorgeous girl with a lovely style, no wonder they envy you :)<3

syd vicious said...

I recently found your blog and I looove it. I don't understand how YOU could have haters, you such seem like a lovely girl!

tailorstitch said...

wow you have to vbe doin something right to get hate mail...those types of ppl usually hate on ppl who are doin something with their lives...ive been reading your blog from the beggining and love it :)

Mega said...

Rissa:They were sneaky and wrote to me anonymously -.-;;

Anonymous said...

I wonder why anyone would hate you??? You're so darling!

mandi said...

I cannot believe that people take the time out of THEIR day & completely waste THEIR time writing hate emails to other people that they dislike.

That is so immature and ridiculous.

I think you are amazing girl. Don't let others get you down!

Anonymous said...

don't stop being you mega!
idk who u are but i stumbled on you throu chictopia and i think u got madd style... u inspire me and ur only 16!!! i think ur pretty mature for ur age btw, keep doing u! i really enjoy ur blog... ur simply beautiful & ammmaaaaaazing!!! via los angeles, California, USA... OBAAAAAAMA!!!!

Anonymous said...

oH btw those ppl writing you hate mail are JUST HATERS!! sooo obvious! lyke rihanna would say... "Ain't got no time for no haters, Just live your life!!" mmmwaaaaaahs to all ur haters!!

Mercedes said...

i just realized you're my age, holy shit.
you're amazing, your style is amazing. i wish people in my school dressed like you! its so boring, everyone looks the same, hahaa.

M! said...

I find your blog through lookbook and you know what? I love style and your blog. You are such a cutie :)

i devour fashion said...

so i realized....i'm not the only one following your blogs, darlin!
keep that style and i always tell myself, "it is nice to be important BUT it is more important to be nice yet i cannot please everybody." and to end, Life is short! C'est la vie!

kisses from Belgiƫ,


Anonymous said...

whats your height and weight may I ask?
your stunning.

Mega said...

Anonymous: I'm 156cm and 45kg :)

Mega said...

Anonymous: I'm 156cm and 45kg :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for answering hon!
I think of you as an inspiration, Im only 4"11 and well, your just adorable <3

Shermin said...

I just have to ask, you wrote;

I have an easy lifestyle because my parents are old and retired and are about to sell their land.

But yet, you wear Chanel and Louis Vuittonbags, what the hell? :P Can all people in Australia buy things like that? Or do you have suports or something? I would be very happy if you answered.

Many hugs.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog and your style. You are the definition of a true fashionista!