Friday, January 23, 2009

Proenza Schouler

Pre Fall 2009

Pre-Fall 08


Annie said...

i want the boots (L)

Sofia said...

that last blue coat = love.

Chloe said...

All our outfits are killer!


Divinity Avenue said...

I love those skirts!

(G)et said...

Hey, I read that post you wrote about the hater just before (I assume) you changed your mind and deleted it.
Screw em.
You should be 16, for as long as you want.
You should do things you'll regret too, I've learnt this, I especially like to do it with clothes, because what else will there to be to do in old age, but laugh at the stupid things we did and said when we were young?
I know my parents get a kick out it.
I think your fantastic, but don't give a fuck about my opinion, or anybody elses.
It's your life, own it, fuck all fuckers.

p.s. I didn't proofread this either ;P