Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm eating cookies and Nutella on Toast.

I went and visited my baby brother in the hospital today.
He's put on alot of weight which is good.

I'm soo super excited!
I get to dye my hair in about 2 weeks!
Sorry my hair has been really blegh.
Its because I don't want it to get drier and lifeless than it already is before I bleach the fourth time, so I've just let it sit in a bun every day.
My hair has surprisingly recovered from the excessive bleaching it endured less than a year ago so hopefully this time around it should be able to handle it.

My brother and I went shopping after he cut off his super daggy hair.
It was long and had no life or style.
We went underwear shopping for him because this year will be his second year in highschool, the year where you get dacked (your pants pulled down) in the boys change rooms if you're wearing 'boxers'.
Supposedly boxers is a primary school thing, I don't really get it but whatever rules boys have to fit in appear so totally different but are actually very similar.
Like, first few days of highschool, you enter a world where everybody has short skirts, wears makeup, wears their hair down and wears bra's instead of crop tops.
I remember my first bra.
It's taken me four years to be able to fill it out.
Really sad...
Not really :p I think girls with smaller chests look less tarty in clothes, but girls who are busty have that nice womanly shape.

Myer was having a stocktake sale which was actually pretty good because all the things from the boxing day sale were still there.
I tried on some amazing/beautiful/gorgeous shoes by Urban Soul.
The cheapest pair were $190 though.
I hope they get reduced further!
Actually, I'm thinking about selling my Wittner's and a whole bunch of my clothes, but I don't have an ebay account :(

1. Yesterdays outfit with a mask so you can't see my tired eyes!

2. Really cool Paul Frank undies.

3. Really scary Oroton Undies.

4. Shoes! Shoes! Crepes!

(I blurred out the uglies for you ;D)

5. Cookies I made.


Anita said...
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Anita said...
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Anita said...

That is so weird! I've never heard of a tradition of guys getting their pants pulled down, but i don't think I'll be asking my bro about that anytime soon.
also, i totally ignored that short skirt (bc i don't have the figure for them) and wearing makeup(too lazy)thing in high school. maybe i should start since I'm in college now?
Anyways, those shoes are fab and I hope they get reduced further so you can get a pair =]

Anonymous said...

At my highschool first year guys have their pockets ripped off (from their school shirts) by the senior guys. Not many escape with pockets still attached. It's so weird, all these "traditions". As far as I know us girls never had to go through any?

leflassh. said...

cute outfit i really like the boots and those cookies look yum

kimmy said...

you are awesome. love your work xox

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!

Hippy Chic said...

you cookies look delish!!! and I am loving your jewelry!

nice blog/style, have a wonderful Sunday :))


Anonymous said...

why are you bleaching your hair? it looks better dark!? you will regret bleaching it when you get older!

ziggy91 said...

Marry me???

Anonymous said...

Hah, boys have such weird traditions .. I don't think it happens at my school cos the juniors (year7+8) are on a different campus from the rest of us :D no bullying from the seniors (: haha

Btw, I love your outfit! Esp your arm accessories (: looks awesome x

....and are those oroton undies for MEN?

HoneyBunny said...

that a great outfit! and the gladiators that you've tried on! I've got similar ones, but in black;)

lacy said...

i absolutely looove the bracelet on your right wrist! where did you get it from? ive been looking for something like that for awhile now but have had no such luck.

great blog. love the picturess.

Naira said...
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Naira said...

I absolutely love the color on your lips.. its perfect

alison said...

Those cookies look amazing.
That's weird that people get made fun of for wearing boxers, here it seems the other way around....

Love your outfit, those pants are great

Justmel and my style said...

I love your jacket! your pictures are awesome!

Justmel and my style said...

I love your jacket! your pictures are awesome!

Rosa C. said...

love your blog :) your chanel bags are amazing! the 2.55 is like my dream bag but its so expensive i know i'll never get it! how did you afford yours? im guessing your a student?

annie said...

cute outfit :)
and i love the mask, and the cookies!

Shini said...

yummmy I'm getting really hungry now! such fierce photos, love your rings and bracelets! (I find it really hard to accessorize :'()

Anonymous said...

the mask is awesome and so is ur jewelry =)

super stylish.