Monday, January 26, 2009

Ready for it?

What do you guys think?
I would really like your opinions, advice or personal experiences!!
This isn't the colour I wanted it to turn out like, I wanted it to be more of a light orange brown.
Too bad I dyed my hair black so many times that bleaching is almost impossible! >.<

The pictures were taken while I was sitting in front of my computer, ebaying this morning.
SUCH a bad habit of mine, I surf ebay and never buy anything!
It's taking over my life!

My Yogi likes to go on the internet too.
But she goes to sleep after a few minutes.

Yogi is my new puppy everyone!
My big brother's dog got it on with the neighbor's dog.
They're both small dogs so hopefully our pups will be smaller than them. :p
I didn't name her though.


Ivy said...

I actually tend to not like red dye, but it doesn't look that bad on you.

Oh my lawd, that pup is so adorable. What breed is it? It looks like a Beagle mix?

Mega said...

Ivy I don't really like it either :( I get to change it in a month or two though.

It looks like it doesn't it! I've never seen his neighbors dog. Supposedly it looks like a chihuahua.

Rissa said...

I think it looks good, I personally like black the best but you like change <3

What are you going to change it to?

Laura said...

I love you with black hair!!! more than red...
Anyways you look pretty with any colours you put on!!!!
my inglish is not very good, i´m sorry for that but i love your blog!!!!

Annie said...

naww, u look great! it really suits u! it's nice to have a change :) u can always go back when u want.
and your dog! i'm in love.

Anonymous said...

I have to be honest. It looks cool, but black or dark/light brown suits you much better.

Anonymous said...

Not meaning to be mean but I think it's kinda bad... I like black hair on you! other colors look kinda silly.

Anonymous said...

hi mega <3

my hair color was like your.
i dyed my hairs too and i want a beautifull light brown. but you and me have black hairs...
and the the result you can

i don't like it so much this color...
you must dye your hairs to blond ( i think you know what i mean...)
and after that you can dye your hair in light brown.

i hope my english isn't so bad hahaha


Shini said...

That's a beautiful colour and style on you! I think it really compliments your skin tone and physique as well! You know, I literally squealed when I saw your puppy.....soo cutee :D I'm so glad to have found your blog thru chictopia!

heather; said...
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Naira said...

I envy you lol
you're so beautiful! =)

and the hair color may not be what you wanted but I like it... it sort of suits you. its certainly more interesting than the black! (although i also loved your black hair hehe)

Anonymous said...

I used to love it :( Sorry but not so much now. But whatever you like

Jess said...

I love your blog and I like your new hair color as well, you suit both colors!!

jessica said...

cuter than my little ones .


Anonymous said...

havent heard much about her since, hope youve not got bored with her?

Mega said...

Anonymous We got her so we could have a dog to bark at strangers. She's completely hopeless. I live on a big farm and we need dogs that bark because lots of things get stolen from us. e.g. Tractors and expensive wood we sell. So yeah, its sad, but she's no use to us. She also doesn't bark at her previous owner because she likes him, which is BAD because he's had a history from stealing from us...He's a close family memeber that moved out so I'd rather not point out who :)

She still lives with us because we havn't found a home for her.