Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Starting from tommorrow.

1. Keep room tidy.

Well...I've only thought of one.
Really, who actually does that for a year?

Thanks for the feedback for my hair guys!
To be honest, I think mother nature knows best when it comes to hair colour but you know, you're only a teenager once and I'm not planning on keeping the red for more than a few months.
A light orange-brown is my goal colour.


Rocky B. said...

love the first picture :)

Champagne said...

That's a good New Years Revolution, I hope your able to keep it. I would have made the same one....but its not really holding up. ^_^;

v said...

love the clothes


the_kitten said...

ah yes, happy new lunar year. just a few days ago you explained yourself in consequence of a "hate mail" and that you write just like you talk. but really, it is super fun to read your posts (which means sth for me since i usually skip the text of most blogs). if thats what you talk like you must be really fun to hang around with. and this also means sth for me, since i dont think many people are that interesting to surround oneself with ^^ im just being arrogant, no?

La petite mariah said...

I love you're style you're very beauty
I love this blog
one kiiiss

Mega said...

Champagne: I don't think I'll be able to hold it up either :p

V: Your blog is pretty cool. I'll check back on it when I have less school. :)

The_Kitten: That's so nice to hear! I'm glad someone likes it ^ ^