Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Boots and rats.

Can't wait till it gets cold enough to wear boots and rats.

My winter wish list:

Chunky black boots
Black trench coat
Grey trench coat
Gold leggings
Brown suede boots

Jak&Jil, Sartorialist.


plastikneon said...

Thanks for posting these photos! I felt my choices for winter outfits were starting to get drabby, these photos are just what I need for refreshing everything.

kelsey said...

i've got the cold, and i'm not enjoying it. i'll trade for the warm weather. and i love your hair. whenever i color mine (i used to have highlights) the color would be crazy intense for the first couple days but then it would fade out and get really pretty. make sure you use shampoo for color treated hair! bumble and bumble makes gentle shampoo and super rich conditioner that keep colored hair crazy soft.

Champagne said...

I love the fact that your wishing for the cold to come. Because I'm wishing for the warm to come. Its freaking hot here, I can't stand this freaking weather. I need my spring and summer weather, bring it on.