Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The skirt.

Why must I wear a skirt like this on a muggy day?
Now I know what serious damage a polyurethane skirt can do.
I was uncomfortable to the whole trip to see my baby brother.
Such a bad choice.
The scarf was fine though.

School starts tommorrow!

Typical Star dress worn as a shirt
Cotton On skirt
Mollini flats
Scarf from Myer


Annie said...

lovely outfit, great photos.
your flats are so cute! love the pom pom looking things ha

Chloe said...

I love it!

sara said...

hi luv, i'm in love with the skirt, but i understand the issue with the weather right now haha, i live in brisbane. did you buy it recently, and do you think its still in stores?

leflassh. said...

that skirt is awesome.
i havent seen it cotton on.
looks great x

Trembling mind. said...

oh my god great outfit ^-^

I remember you, we talked on MySpace a couple of times but that's ages ago. anyway, lovely blog

Mega said...

Annie & Chloe: Thanks! <3

Sara:I bought it maybe a week to two weeks ago. I'm not sure. I was surprised they had these. .__.

Leflassh: Sometimes they sneak these things behind clothes. :)

Trembling Mind:Ah yes, Myspace. Havn't been on there for a long time.

sara said...

thanks, i'll go hunting for it! i really want it for when it gets a little less sticky haha. x

Champagne said...

Its a really cute skirt, too bad the weather wasn't all that good for it.

HoneyBunny said...

you look gorgeous!

La petite mariah said...

I love the outfit, the shoees are very niceee

kiiiss, greaat photos

Amy said...

you match your surroundings and whatevers in your hair, i like it!

Sofia said...

that dress/skirt is fab!

crush'ed said...

you're adorable hun, love your blog! :)

James Lillis said...

What fabric is the skirt made of?

James Lillis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Your bloggers, Jamie and Meaghan . said...

love your blog + ur lookbook looks

ur so stylish + cute

Mega said...

James Lillis: Polyurethane :)

izem faith said...

i love the first picture .. and i loooooooooooove ur style.. so classy!