Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wish I could run away...

...From school.

I had to chose between Legal Studies, Multimedia and Ancient History  today.
Sadly, Multimedia was dropped.
Those three were the only 3 subjects I was looking for, and now I can't do them.
I am quite sad at the moment.

Hye Park in Feb Flair magazine.


Anonymous said...

oh im sorry! i sort of know how you must feel. its sadder than one might suggest. but im sure youll make the school term just as well. just a little bit more effort and the year will be over sooner than youd think.

Mode Junkie said...

too bad. but don't let it get to you. :) i hope you still enjoy senior year. it's the best ever.

Sweet Things said...

amazing pics

Champagne said...

Awesome picture. I hope your senior year gets bettter.

Anonymous said...

I just graduated last year in melbourne and like everyone else here, i found year 12 was the best year in high school! hope yours is a good one!
i love your winter wish list - i know in winter i was like "god! why can't it be summer?" now that it's here i can't wait for it to be over haha

xx amie

Vicki said...

try using imageshack?

i looove your blog btw!