Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cool vs Uncool.

The cool kids in my opinion are very uncool outside of school.
I just felt like sharing that because their stupid group is getting too big, too loud and too annoying.

And no, I'm not some jealous outsider.
I'm the shunned snob because I miss outings such as parties and trips to the beach because I'd rather go to the mall and window shop or stay at home playing video games.

I'm over it now but at one point, it was quite frustrating to hear all these girls claiming they love fashion and Vogue is their bible when they don't know the likes of Karl Lagerfeld or the brand Hermes.
And who doesn't know what 'SS09', 'FW07' and 'Haute Couture' means?
Somebody who clearly does not follow the road of fashion.
I was doing textiles with women who I could not start a conversation about fashion with.
And these same women were cool for being the fashion gurus of the school/grade.

Its really funny when these kids give me dirty looks as we pass each other outside of school.
I don't even recognize most of the kids without their school uniform so until I do, I think its some random kid who already has a bone to pick with me.

Anyone an annoyed highschool kid?
Or was highschool the best time of your life?


Anonymous said...

God I hated highschool because I was one of the nerdy ones who were there to, you know, learn and didn't care about getting wasted and all that shit.

Once you leave school everything gets awesome and there are no cliques and people recognise you for who you are, not what group you're in.

Also we had that group and now like 60% of them are pregnant or unemployed.

Anonymous said...

I don't lik people at mu highschool.
they talk so similar and dress smimilar too.

all the girls wear are tights, ugs with cardigans BLEH!
And they give me dirty looks too sonce i'm not popular and not at the parties ans so on.

Post pics of your uniform or if you can please :D

Anonymous said...

Highschools a load of crap its nothing like they way its shown on tv and in movies. The popular group who think they're fashionable are just so infuriating! last friday they were moking my oufit - black bodycon dress, a grey crop top, black handbag and gladiator black heels which is like one of the trendiest oufit you could wear. aparantly I was really wierd. They're ignorance would almost be laughable if it wasn't they weren't bitches about it

Ivy said...

I went to two different high schools, so I had two different experiences. For 9th-10th grade, I was known around my school, but I don't know if you would call me "popular"? My friends and I definitely dressed different, but we also started trends, such as wearing skinny jeans or Rite Aid flats at our school. But during around that time, we were also "scene" kids hahahah, and you already know yourself that's not very fashion forward.

I moved my junior year of high school, so it was terrible for me. I never went to prom or grad night because I didn't have my close group of friends to hang out with. I was pretty much a loser I guess, and it didn't help that the new school was twice as big as my old school (4,000 students!). So during those two years, I honestly didn't care about fashion 'cause there was no one to impress or share my fashion with. But during those two years was when I found my love for shoes in general, whether they be sneakers or heels (so I guess that's when my hypebeast stage was then...).

Sorry for my damn essay hahah

Amy said...

"I'm over it now but at one point, it was quite frustrating to hear all these girls claiming they love fashion and Vogue is their bible when they don't know the likes of Karl Lagerfeld or the brand Hermes."

I am quoting you!
& I think, everyone was a scene kid because that's what was cool. (People still think it is. Coughridiculouscough.)

I'm a freshman and I feel the same way. Hate the popular kids. I stay home and rather read blogs!

Anonymous said...

well you seem very, very cool to me, but the American high school system of whats cool and whats not is beyond my understanding anyway. i dont know how it really works, but it seems the most ordinary people are also the most "popular" and well known on US high schools - like its all about conforming - whereas those a bit "alternative" get dissed and isolated for no particular reason but that they dance to the beat of their own drum. well, personally, i think ive never really been unpopular but never quite conformed either so id say in europe you can also be cool by being alternative and a bit quirky. and ya, for me personally i always LOVED people who do not conform and dont give a darn about it. so from my standpoint, youre so much cooler than any of them (without me knowing anything about them in particular ^^ but i hope you get my point)

thebasketcase said...

I'm not quite in high school yet, but one year isn't that much of a stretch. I'm annoyed as hell. It seems the more pass under the radar, the less you care about things, the more people are supposed to care about you. I don't understand it and I don't care enough to ask.


Flossie said...

You didn't say who the designers were reference the clothing pictures. Can you tell me where the clothes are from (particularly the leggings) in the second picture!!

akay said...

"I'm over it now but at one point, it was quite frustrating to hear all these girls claiming they love fashion and Vogue is their bible when they don't know the likes of Karl Lagerfeld or the brand Hermes."

i know exactly what you mean, when i lived in aus all the 'cool' girls of my school thought that owning a stussy top or supre jeans meant they knew everything about fashion it was really annoying.
but as far as i've been told that group aren't popular anymore, i'm guessing everyone else realised they weren't as hot as they made themselves out to be.

averyocean said...

i'm the girl who everyone who oddly knows, and doesn't know everyone's names. people stare at me, and talk about me. i'm the one who dresses way different, when we don't have uniform on. and i do think i'm the annoyed high school kid and yet the person who thinks high school is kind of the best years of your life.

it's weird how people look at you because they're different.

i have this friend and she wants to be a fashion designer. and all she knows is hollister and abercrombie & fitch; yet alone the the likes of Karl Lagerfeld or the brand Hermes. she has no clue.

Lydia said...

High school was fun, but I don't miss it at all. Life gets far better after school. No more dealing with shit, being courteous to people solely because you have to see them everyday, even though all they do is make fun of you.

It's the same everywhere: the "cool, stylish" girls are the one who can afford the most expensive trendy crap, and who actually have no independent thoughts on style or what they wear. They don't know fashion, they don't really know what fashion is...but really, in the long run, everyone will go their own way, and life will sort itself out. =)

mr. lovely said...

holy crap i so understand

i can't even put into words how annoying it is to see a crowd of ugg feet holding teen vogue and saying "omg i love abercrombie! i so want to do fashion when i grow up!"

like shut up please you don't know what the f you're talking about

i'm trying to be a condescending prick about something i've still got a ton to learn about but honestly, if they love fashion, they should know what it is.

Caitlin said...

GAH! i know exactly what you mean! im a jr at my highschool and we have uniforms too, and somehow the lowkeyness of it all and what everyone wears is so uninspiring and i sometimes fall into that catagory of lowkey and sometimes not even try.
and usually in a highschool, the term "preppy" is ALWAYS in my mind, which it quite sad. ah. the frustration! haha

oh and to the post asking about the tights, i dont know exactly where they come from, but u could find similar ones at AA :D

Champagne said...

High school had its high points and its low points. I meet some really cool nice people and some not so cool. The only thing I can say that I didn't like about school was that it some of the people with the stink attitude needed a little lesson on how to be nice.

On my last day of school I got into a fight....oh how I'm glad that I'm out of high school.

I do miss going to school for free though.

mica said...

I loved high school my freshman year, but with each year that passed it was the same crap over and over again. The same kids getting chosen as "best fashion" or "best hair" and EVERYONE was into drinking and whoring out. It's like everyone stayed at the same 14/15 year old maturity that they had at the start. I ended up switching out last month because I was so sick of it, and now I'm doing online school.

I'm not a fashion expert but oh my god all the kids at my high school were SO STUPID.

Amelia StyleDownUnder said...

i think the hilarious thing about 'cool kids' is the reason they are rude is that they are trying to hide insecurities. i mean really, if you thought you were all that and 100% happy in life, would you really waste your time talking shit about others?

my boyfriend has a group of friends who must have been he 'cool kids' when they were in school and still haven't gotten over it. they are in their mid to late twenties now! they are fun to party with but all about drama drama drama and bitch about each other. and the funniest thing is because my boy and i don't involve ourselves in that rubbish and don't care if they do/don't like us (i think a lot of people must be intimidated by their antics) they're always trying to suck up to us.

so i would give it a year or two after grad, and those losers from school will be druggos/pregnant, stuck in their supre jeans and soooo jealous that you are a successful woman with your own mind! i'm sure they think it now but too busy following the crowd! xx

Davy Greenberg said...

totally agree.....I'm sick of girls wearing a starter cap and cut up throwback sports team sweatshirt and thinking thats stylish. SO what you have raybans?

What u say about SS09 n such is so true. people are clueless.

Just can't wait til they get into the real world and realize all of this.

Dana said...

high school high school high school,
nightmare for me, did some project E and visited whitehouse design in sydney with 4 girls who picked out sarah silverman in gap for our "fashion collage" and on top of that stuck a fluro yellow enviro bag promoting raffles design when we went to white house ..
straight out wtf ..

p.s. love the blog girl !
(where may i find a fur vest in aussieland?)

Anita said...

I think my school was a little different than those described by other people who commented.

Yes, there were the "cool" girls who wore Uggs and thought they were fashionable, but there were "cool" girls, who really were fashionable and surprisingly nice people.

Yes, I did hate school sometimes, but never really because of the people there (it was mostly because of the work). If I had didn't like someone, I would tell or show them because I really didn't care what they thought about me or if they said anything about me.

Unfortunately, I really don't think it ends in high school. Well, at least not where I go to college now. Most girls walk around like clones wearing Uggs.

Anonymous said...

Dirty looks=jealous because your incredibly fashionable, gorgeous, and have an untouchable amount of genuine coolness. Hell, if I saw you, I might even have given you a dirty look!;) But to directly answer the question- no. High school is fairly awful, and I'm done in 4 months. Here's to graduation.. and going to a school that isn't literally in the middle of a cotton field.

Miranda said...

high school is so overrated
honestly i'm glad to almost be done with it hahaha
and i know what you mean
the girls of the "best dressed" column in my yearbook to be know nothing in my opinion
we're talking like abercrombie hoodies and head to toe american apparel. lol whatevs
:) nice blog though

Anonymous said...

All I can say is, thank god I only have one year left.

Vivien said...

oh we're in the same boat.
everyone seems to think that this girl at my school is a 'fashion guru' just because she posts picture of fashion magazines on her 'MySpace'.
She doesn't know who Alexander Wang is, and laughed when I mentioned his name in class once, because it had 'Wang' in it.
I hate highschool sometimes.

Leire said...


High school --> i live on the edge of things and i like it that way... imagine if i were the center of attention... ugh! =)

I just go my own way with my friends and I dont hate scene kids, but do not like them either. Its live and let live I guess

But people do like the way I dress... outside school =) hehe

Divinity Avenue said...

Highschool is not the best time of your life. I promise you. It gets so much better.

Anonymous said...

Highschool sucks. I think it does for almost everyone. But it's ok cause like gets much better after that. :) So keep on being a strong individual with a head on your shoulders. You'll go way further than these fake airheads. I just wish I knew all this in highschool and that I was as strong as you seem to be.

Keep blogging, lovin it!

Anonymous said...

Ha, that sounds like the "fashion lovers" at my school...
They would think that louis vuitton was the person designing and that chanel was still done by coco.. i think they're clueless.... i don't think you are the snob i think they are probably.... are they using daddy's money to buy their ralph lauren polo shirt? haha! That's what it's like here... and the funnier fashion lovers seem to think it's really hot to wear A&F .... it's amusing.

Julie said...

Wow, it's not often I hear a fellow high-schooler share sentiments similar to my own. I, too, struggle to survive high school; there's so many girls who claim they "love" fashion and it's "their life," but the couldn't even tell me who Coco Chanel is...and yet they call me the freak. It's nice to see someone else who's like me =) best of luck in school!

Mega said...

Missy P: Actually, we don't have polo ralph lauren here and most of the girls here are surfies who don't have that much money. I'm from Australia, country of uggs, Haviana flip flops and girls who dress and act like the old Nicole Richie. :)

Samantha Ann said...

Ugh, my High School was filled with a bunch of Abercrombie and Hollister girls. Zombies with no fashion sense of their own. So when I wore fashionable clothes they thought I was a wierdo! It was stupid. I'm glad I always stuck to my own thing :] Its never cool to dress like everyone else.

N said...

I hate high school and I don't get it when people say it was the best time of their lives...

Everyone stares at me and what my ensemble is that day. I stare at them back like WHAT?

I love your blog and style. I super wish school was over now too.

x Natalie

Anonymous said...

i like glad tht you brung this up.
well i like in LA & our little "fashion trends" for grls are tights, uggs, flannel w/ a belt around the waist, & a headband.
yes its rlly annoying hearing people talk wht they dnt rlly knw.
& the dudes out here have more like "NY swag."
thier def. hypebeasts.
ie. supreme, alife, hundreds, HUF, rogue status, Bape etc.
its trendy.
everyone looks the same.

jst do you.
cause deep dwn inside, you're the only one shining.

Renée Sturme said...

i completely get what you mean! people always stared and pointed fingers at me in school, when i wore something nobody else wore (like leopard-print shoes, or shorts with lace tights, a couple of years ago), though they were wearing the exact same thing one year later, as something normal in every closet. it's just a sad story.

things have the be worn by the masses to be accepted by the masses. it'll be always like that. people laughing about what you wear, not knowing they'll actually be wearing the same thing in a year.

and what? not knowing who karl lagerfeld is, or what SS09 means?

Anna G said...

I laughed at this post because it reminds me of my high school. I went to high in the middle of the US. If you told them that Coach and Juicy wasn't high end luxury, they might collapse.
It was annoying I went to Europe with my class. We were driving on our tour bus by all the high fashion houses/studios in Paris and one girl said "Who are all these designers?"

Anonymous said...

I'm almost through my first year of college, and this post brought memories of high school rushing back.

The "popular" girls thought they were so fashionable, but the extent of their fashion expertise ended with Coach, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Ralph Lauren. I've been very into fashion since my freshmen year and I was usually torn- I scoffed at their supposed elitist fashion sense, but I didn't have the money to buy designer so they scoffed at me.
There seemed to be a big difference between how we saw ourselves as fashionable: they believed they were fashion forward because of the name on the label, and I thought I was fashion forward because of the actual aesthetics of my outfits. In actuality, they wouldn't know high-end fashion if it slapped them in the face.

But, if you pursue fashion in college like I did, people like that are still around. BUT, there will also be many more people like you. So don't sweat it, kid.


Andréa said...

I'm a sophomore in high school now and it's going really well for me. The longer time passes, the more popular I become, which is kind of funny.

Anyway, I was the weird alternative-goth kid in middle school (well, 6th/7th grade), and I actually still get crap for it today. I brush it off as a phase; "Oh, I didn't know what I was thinking," you know. And as true as that is, it seems wrong that just because I was different from the cool kids, I was made fun of. But that's just how it goes, I guess.

Now I suppose you could say that I've conformed. It's not such a bad thing; just because I wear whatever everyone else is, I get respect for it. People aren't as afraid to approach me anymore. It's a weird complex, high school, in and of itself.