Monday, February 16, 2009

More headaches.

So, here's my school uniform.
I took my hair out of its' ponytail as I didn't feel like editing out the school logo; the logo is on my right (or left...Can't remember.) boob.
The sequin shoes are by Gosh, and our school forbids any non-leather footwear as it thinks its' a private school.
Its really just some public school with a mixture of really good, smart kids with leeching scum.

Thanks for the replies for the last post, some were funny/sweet and I so very understand some of you because we're rowing in the same boat.

I've been really obsessed with black clothes lately. (again.)
I should probably stop buying black clothes.
This is my 'black' rack.
And some 'black' inspiration.


Annie said...

lol, your school thinks its a private school :)
verry nice shoes (Y)
and black is good. everything goes with black and everyone looks good in black, if u wear it right :D
and you certainly don't have any problem in that department .


Anonymous said...

I love your shoes! How much did you get them for, and from WHERE! I'd love something like that but in black.

Anonymous said...

Omg, I can't help but cringe at uniforms :( I hate mine, it has no shape... I can go on forever but I won't bore you. You obviouisly look nice in everything, don't you? God... your friend Rissa should take the piss out of someone else and to stop pretending she's a "fashionista". That's all.

EMMA said...

wow you have alot of clothes.

Mega said...

Anonymous: I found them in the most amazing shop for crazy shoes and bags in Indonesia. They were only $30 AUD, The brand is GOSH. :)

Anonymous: Lol, I hate mine, the stains never come off xD Uhm, are you the person giving her hate mail? If you don't like her stuff, please just don't read it. :)

(G)et said...

Leather shoes have got nothing to do with a school thinking it is private. Its an OHS thing.

Those stripy tight are awesome as.

PUNKIE said...

this school outfit is so cute!!! :D

Champagne said...

Wow, its been a very long time since I wore a school uniform....never want to go back to that time.

Miranda said...

i love black :)
and your shoes are killerr

Anonymous said...

Its time to stalk annon!

Isabelle said...

your school uniform looks way better than mine and i love your rack of black clothes and the fact that it is not messy at all.

Anonymous said...

Goooooorgeous!!! And seriously i agree with anon.. you look great in everything, my uniform sucks.. it's a purple kilt and a white shirt and it's just so UNFLATTERINg haha! I love your hair by the way.. is it natural or extensions.. cos it's gorgeous and i really want long hair at the mo!

lolizzie said...

hii there! i was just wondering where you got your clothes rack stand thingo from! LOL i've been looking for one for ages! ><

Mega said...

Missy P: The long bits below my chest are because my mum made me cut my hair in an attempt to make me look more baby/teenager-y. I was so sad but now its ok xD

Lolizzie:Target! :D

Anonymous said...

eee, all schools have to wear black leather lace up/t bar shoes don't they? (well at least in vic they do ..:S) anyways, your hair is awesomeee :D i want my hairr to be longer like yours D: !
&& your uniform isn't that bad ...mine's like colour -0- ..and we don't wear polos, we have to wear button up white shirts :S blehh.

Renée Sturme said...

i can't imagine wearing school uniforms! glad it's not like that in the netherlands.

i finished high school last year, but because of my clothes i was actually chosen as the most 'sticking out' student of the year, in the yearbook, haha. i think a uniform would make me depressed as i can't be myself in it.

Anonymous said...

Leeching scum??

Girl, people without drive and with desperation don't deserve that title no matter how awful they may act.