Thursday, February 19, 2009

I dream of Mimco

I wish I hadn't bought that red Gucci bag :(
I could have bought at least two Mimco's and some of their jewellry.
This is probably one of my biggest purchase mistake ever.
I suppose I should look in the bright side and think about the Gucci being good if I ever work in an office.

The scariest purchase story I've ever heard, was from one of my mum's friends.
She bought a bag that she thought was $100 with her credit card, signed without looking at the final price or receipt, only to find out a month later the bill was $1000.
Turns out she bought a Celine bag.
I guess knowing brands and having common sense would have helped her there.
Can anyone beat that?

If I were to buy any of these beauties, which one will be most needed for my wardrobe?
I should really pry myself away from the black ones...

I'm looking for a wallet at the moment, I'm sick of using my mum's Louise Vuitton.
It's quite an expensive wallet, so I would feel so bad if I ever lost it.
I'm using it because it's so incredibly cool by the way :P
What do you guys think of the last one?


Rachel ann said...

awww it sucks you regret buying that bag. i hate that feeling also after purchasing something and feeling good at the moment while later on i regret my decision. but oh well! I'm sure you'll find some way to make it look good with your outfits and it'll be useful really one day when you're working in an office! :)

and i love that mimco wallet!
and i really like the first black bag the most

mandi said...

the last wallet is gorgeous. i think it goes very well with your style. my fave bag however is the black fringy one. i would def buy that if i had the money right now. which gucci bag did you buy?

Rissa said...

Aws, you shoulda begged for the black gucci. Why dont you like it??

Anonymous said...

that last one is awesome! wow

Mona said...

The wallet looks great. Umm Mimco is still feels a little too priceyyy for me ;P lol I love those black ones though!

Aless & RocĂ­o said...

Amazing bags!! I love them!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know the feeling of letting yoursef down after a "bad" purchase. This doesn't really happen to me with bags, but with clothes and especially shoes. I am a serious bag addict, so I would be in trouble if I made a lot of mistakes:)
Your blog is such eye candy, thank you for the high quality in the outfit photos, they capture your sunny attitude!

Samantha Ann said...

The 3rd one is so cute =^.^=

Champagne said...

I always make sure to look at price before buying anything because that's how you get yourself in to big trouble.

Mode Junkie said...

oh that's so funny and tragic at the same time. lesson learned: double check the price.

love the wallet, go get it!

Anonymous said...

Louis Vuitton it is. Love your blog tho!