Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am such a loser.

I've had an epiphany.
I realised;
I have way too many clothes I don't wear.
My hobbies now consist of shopping because I'm 'bored'.
I don't get the marks i want because I procrastinate.

From now on, I'm gonna try my best in school, get all my jobs done, read more manga and fanfiction and only buy what I am going to wear.
Not what I think looks pretty on my rack.
I cleaned out more than half my wardrobe with crap I have never worn.
Ever get the horrid feeling you've spent your paper on something that stays in the bottom of your drawer?
I also realised, 80% of my stuff is stuff that only looks good on lighter skinned, tall people.
(You know when things just suit a certain height and colour.)
Ugh, i feel so shitty right now.

Here's a random outfit before giving it away.
(minus the heels and bag ;D)

Just Jeans plaid skirt, Mollini brown heels, Louis Vuitton bowler bag.


Too Many Tights said...

well, I'm tall and white... but something tells me I really couldn't pull off those outfits. Probably for the best. :)

KEREN said...

Why would you give that away? The skirt looks so great on you! Oh, and those shoes are absolutely gorgeous. ;)

Sophie said...

I don't think you have to be tall and light-skinned in able to pull this off. The outfit looks lovely on you :)

Anonymous said...

you looks so sweet

Ivy said...

You're so cute when you smile; you should smile more often in your photos!

sandraaa_xo said...

i love your outfit!
are you going to sell them or just give them away?

The Traveler said...

I want I want!
But then again, I wouldn't fit into them.Unfortunately :)
You look sweet when you smile

vivian the koneko kitten said...

Instead of giving your clothes away, you shoul try to wear all of your clothes and come up with new outfit ideas!

Ann said...

Haha your little rant reminds me of how I feel right now! I've just studied my arse off for microbio and got an average grade. Maybe because I spent an hour talking to my friend who was having a "omg, I'm too materialistic and a product of captialism" crisis.

I think we all have those days. In which I turn my back to and yes, read manga online or in the bookstore. Just because I spend all my money on things I tend to forget about later on.

Sorry for the huge comment.

You're a great blogger. xoxo

Anonymous said...

i definitely agree. i spend waaaaaaaaaay too much money on things that i dont wear just because i think they're pretty and i say to myself that if i ever do wanna wear it, i have it. its pretty ridiculous.

PUNKIE said...

wow! this shoes are lovely!

Talk-Sick Materialism said...

I super love the skirt and the top!!! You always take such great pictures!!! Do you use a tripod at all? Or do you have someone take them for you?

Helluu said...

You're so cute, and i love those shoes!!

$ouLphate said...

love ur skirt.. and the shoes are amazing as well!

Champagne said...

I kind of have that problem, buts a little different. I have some clothes that I use to wear when I was in junior high and high school that I don't wear anymore because they're pretty much out of style.

Or clothes that I brought where I thought they were cute, until I actually took a good look at it.

zara said...

hey you.
i really like your style.
in all of your outfits you've got a little bit of sweetness ( don't now if this word even existed and also wont to apologize for my bad english ).
i come from germand and in the city i live people look strange at you if your outfits doesnt look like the outfits of other normal people.
youve got allway designer bags and i think the clothes you wear are also expensive . so i ask myself where do you get money for this ?
soory for the roman i wrote .
if you want 2 answer my question just post also a comment , i dont know a other way to commnicate : /

i wish you a good day <3

Anonymous said...

Where is your shoes?Are lovely....!

sarah said...

sweet headband x

Sushi said...

What? You'd look cute in anything! And I am dying over your shoes... maybe you should have a big garage sale or list all your stuff on eBay? x

Anonymous said...

are you kidding, you look beautiful

rachiemarie said...

This outfit makes you look SO incredible, you should have held on to it! I think you should have an online garage sale, lol. My heart is melting over your clothes!