Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Im a procrastinator

My lack of updating was becoming annoying. (for me)
So here is another outfit post.
Must do assignments though.
I'm too much of a procrastinator

This is before I had fixed my hair and makeup so I look a little tired.

I wore this to a lunch with my mum friends.
I should have brought my camera!
We went to an all you can eat restaurant and I just kept refilling.
I wanted to take food home but felt bad after eating so much.
I also bumped into a girl who was sporting a pair of doc martens.
She made me want to buy some.
Also, her sister was wearing the coolest outfit I have seen for a long time in the gold coast.
Really wish I had my camera.

I do edit my photos.
I make it brighter and blur out the crap at the back because its just very distracting from some my outfits.

Sportsgirl Tunic/dress. Supre Belt. Forever new sequin flats. Chanel bag.


(G)et said...

I can see you starting to smile in the second photo and your eyes are also starting to sparkle!
You should smile more, high fashion pouts aren't fun, and you are beautiful and life is good.

Annie said...

lovely outfit :)

KEREN said...

The dress is adorable, and your bag compliments it well. :)

GOYA said...

♥ chanel!
perfect look

sara said...

gorgeous outfit! and your hair is so volumous! so jealous

riennahera said...

I absolutely adore this look. everything is just perfect and in place.

BlueKlein said...

Loved that dress..and the bag, what can I say about the bag.....I want one!!! :)


script and serif said...

I love the dress and thigh highs/OTK!

Makes me miss Sportsgirl. Last time I was in Australia I didn't step in the store once!

Anonymous said...

Hey are you living in America or where?

Akay said...

Anonymous: She lives in Australia.

That dress makes me miss Sportsgirl, it was one of my favourite stores when I lived in Aus

sarah said...

whered you get your knee highs from sweetie? x

alisa. said...
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Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.