Friday, June 12, 2009

Pink Party

Got my P plates the other day!
Aussie drivers and pedestrians, beware!

Outfit I wore last weekend, and decided to snap today.
My mum actually bought this shirt, one for me one for herself.
Although it's a bit big, I really love it.
I'm surprised she picked something I like, she's getting better at picking items these days.
*cough*Thanks to me*cough*
There are copycat versions of my Bec and Bridge skirt and it's annoying, since the copycats are far more aesthetically superior :(


Jessica said...

As suual I love!!You are always perfect!!What is your secret? ;)

Sushi said...

Gorgeous outfit - love all your bracelets x Sushi

Rocío Lafuente said...

Amazing outfit!!


Tili_lili said...

Love the outfit, same with my mum, she used to pic quite childish clothes for me, but now it's getting so much better and funkier. I'm happy :)
I'm soooo gonna make a copy of your skirt:)

chow said...

do you happen to know what labels do the copycat of the skirt? i've been in love with it since it was released, but i could never afford a $140 skirt :(

Ashley said...

i have a serious girl crush on your hair/style. xoxo

im esther said...

you're amazing. period.

Shine said...


Citizen Couture said...

cute photo!


LoveJess said...

Sexy :D

Telishah said...

love the whole outfit!*.*
The skirt and ... everything <3

May Kasahara said...

hey lovely * * *
I'm loving this ♥

NUC :) said...

you've got pics with a lo of different clothes
are all them yours??

please visit my blog :)

Anonymous said...